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Festivids Letter - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Festivids Letter [Oct. 12th, 2012|08:42 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Dear Festivids Vidder,

Thank you for vidding for me, this is my first year and I'm pretty excited. I'm gonna try to make this letter as non-obnoxious as possible and I hope that it will not constrain you too much (or at all...) while still giving some helpful information. Admittedly, I'm pretty wide open for vids and given that we didn't match on characters, only fandoms, I tried to pick things where I'd be open to most things if not all.

So! First off, since music is very important in vids...I'm not terribly picky. However, unless you decide to use an instrumental piece of some sort I would prefer the song to be something more current, so written/performed in the 2000s. Maybe the later half of the 1990s if need be but I'm not big on oldies. Also, I tend to vid to slower music but if upbeat is your thing, please go right ahead! If you want to look at what sort of music I tend to use or what music has been used in the vids I watch/have favorited, here's a link to my youtube channel.

I'm not really opposed to outside footage in your video. Sometimes you've gotta have it for a certain storyline. But try to keep most of the vid's footage canon, so to speak. That would be appreciated. Also, not a huge fan cross-overs.

Ratings wise, PG and PG-13 do it best for me. R is ok too if the canon fandom source is R rated (I don't think any of these are but... just to be safe).

Brideshead Revisited (2008) [safety]
I would really love a Charles/Sebastian vid. I love the slash, but gen is cool too. Not huge one Julia though, so if you could avoid making her the focus that would be wonderful! I would especially love something romantic or nostalgic.

Impact (2009) [safety]
I would love a Roland vid! Roland/Martina or Roland/Alex or just gen if you'd like. I thought it was so sad that Roland died. I would love to see something angsty, regardless of what paring you use. If you chose to do a love triangle with those three, please be gentle with them! I love all three of them :) PS: I'm not big on Maddy or that whole Maddy/Alex thing. So team-gen would be better if neither of the above parings work for you... 

Imperium: Augustus (2003)
Anything with the three boys (Octavius, Agrippa, Maecenas) in any paring combination would be absolutely fantastic! I honestly thought that Maecenas kissing Octavius was the cutest thing ever. And Agrippa was just sorta standing there watching them. Triangle? I'm also very fond of Octavius/Livia if you would like a het option :)

RPF - Benjamin Sadler
Lol, actually not sure how you'd vid RPF but hey, Ben Sadler is a favorite actor of mine. He's not super well known or anything and so many of his movies are in German...I would really love to see how you'd do this. I'm always happy to see more of this guy so do whatever inspires you. Parings are up to you is you'd like as well as style. I just wanna oogle this one.

Vanity Fair (1998)
Something focused on George, William and.or Amelia in any combination would be wonderful! (I don't really like Becky Sharp, though). William/Amelia is just such an epic love story. I would love to see something romantic for them or angsty. George/Amelia can be sad (he dies! agh!) or sweet or even kinda naughty becasue, you know, George... I would absolutely love to see William/George though. They've got that functionally dysfunctional dynamic going on. 

War and Peace (2007) and War and Peace - Voyna i Mir (1967)
Two deal breakers: Andrei Bolkonski and Nikolai/Maria. Please, please. I just really don't like Bolkonski and I shop Nikolai/Sonya so Nikolai/Maria is a turn-off. I'm not big on Pierre/Natasha either but if that's your OTP or something, sure go for it. I feel bad putting character restrictions as it is lol.
Characters I have a HUGE fondness for, if you're not too picky about who you'd like to focus on: Dolokhov, Anatole, Helene and Sonya. More or less, any combination here will work (Although...I'm not sure how Anatole/Sonya would work but hey go for it!). I don't mind Kuragin-cest if you're wondering lol :) If you really want to make a Pierre vid, I would love him with Anatole or Dolokhov or even Sonya. Actually, I find the latter quite intriguing and I think she's make him a better match that Natasha anyway.

You I Love (2004) [safety]
Oh more or less anything goes here! Vera/Timofei or Timofei/Uloomji or even that canonically implied polyamourous relationship that they've got at the end there would be wonderful! Actually, I'm thinking that this is the one fandom where I might actually prefer a lighter vid. Although, if you wanna angst, please, angst away! But I can totally also see something sexy for Vera/Timofei and something more sweet/romantic for Timofei/Uloomji.

Yay! Have fun vidding and happy holiday season!


[User Picture]From: imaginarycircus
2012-10-13 06:13 pm (UTC)

I'm so excited to see my assignment!
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2012-10-13 09:27 pm (UTC)
I find requesting for this a lot harder than other exchanges because we can't match on characters. There's always that one or two characters or ships that I really can't stand, especially in the fandoms with a larger number of characters. Offering isn't so bad though, cause I can vid things I don't like easier than I can write them.
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[User Picture]From: imaginarycircus
2012-10-13 11:22 pm (UTC)
I always try to adhere to what someone asks for in their details, but yeah. IKWYM.
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