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ASoIaF/GoT - thoughts, faves, ships - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ASoIaF/GoT - thoughts, faves, ships [Oct. 18th, 2012|02:10 am]
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Before I get started on the real subject of this post: YAY YULETIDE SIGN UPS ARE OPEN! I just had to get that out there. I’m almost done sorting out my requests/offers. Mainly, I’m just deciding if I want to request that fourth fandom or not…

Anyway. This is actually about ASoIaF/GoT. (There may be spoilers but not beyond SoS, at least I don't think so.)

So, I’m just about done really SoS and it’s about time to update my opinions on all this, especially since, it seems, the way you see/like characters in books in different from how it happens in shows/movies… IDEK.

Current Favorites:
—Jaime. This has not changed one single bit. Except, I don’t feel at all as guilt about liking him as I used to.
—Sansa. A surprise, honestly. She bugged during the first Season of GoT but she’s started to grow on me during S2. Then I read her. Wow. See, I was a little uncertain because a conversation I had with a friend seemed to suggest that Sansa’s chapters would be boring. But I actually enjoyed her chapters quite a bit here. I think this is partially because I can relate to Sansa a lot, I can associate myself with her. Certainly a lot more than I can relate to Arya, for example. Which also makes me very curious to see Cersei’s POV. I doubt I’ll like her, but I would like to see how thing look for where she stands.
—Tyrion. Because, goodness, it’s impossible not to like Tyrion. He gets all…messed up by the end here but he’s still Tyrion and I’m sure he’ll come back around.
—Jorah Mormont. I…don’t even know why but my GOD, I usually want to give Jorah a hug.

I still like Bran. But watching him is different from reading him. His chapters I do find kinda boring. I’m not a Jon fangirl but I think my like for his character has increased as well. I like him more than Robb, I think, although it seems to me that the two are very similar in personality. BTW I totally understood Theon’s motives but he was still a kind of an ass. Oh well.

On the other hand I have little fondness for Daenerys, fandoms’s favorite. I don’t know…I don’t dislike her per se but just…argh. Like…I don’t’ care? And I don’t want her to win in the end.

I also realized, suddenly, that Loras is kind of a douche? Something about him seems off. I liked him more in the show, or maybe that’s because he was with Renly and the shipper in me just had to get behind that? IDEK.

Shipping! God. It’s really weird but I don’t actually…have any hardcore ships in this fandom. (Speaking of this, the show makes a lot of the younger characters seem older than they are. So, to realize that Sansa was only like 12-13 in S1-S2 was super weird. And I think that put a whole new perspective on it.)
—Jaime/Cersei. Mostly, I think, because I want to ship Jaime with someone and Cersei seems to be the only good fit. I know people like shipping him with Brienne and while I see where it comes from, I’m not feeling it. And Sansa. Where does the whole Jaime/Sansa thing come from? Is it something that I haven’t read yet? But the spoilers I’ve seen seem to suggest that they won’t be interacting further on…IDK.
—Renly/Loras. Because…because it’s canon slash. Shut up. It’s a totally legitimate reason.
—Tyrion/Sansa. I can’t help it, I just really wish they could have found this understanding. (And people ship her with Sandor all the time which I think it just…wtf. Although, I see where it comes from same as with Jaime/Brienne). Besides, they’re both characters I like so… The sad part is that Tyrion thinks Sansa just can’t stand him because he’s short and unattractive. Which is true in part – Sansa is a teenage girl and girls at that age have a very hard time looking past appearance for the most part. But I think the biggest problem there is that he’s a Lannister and after everything that she’s had to suffer because of his family…how could she love him? I think that’s the number one problem, not his looks. Of course, Tyrion, as smart as he is, isn’t realizing this.
—Jorah/Daenerys. I think this is the “feel bad for favorite character and want them to get what they want” case but really I do think they would make a very nice couple.
—Daenerys/Doreah. Despite everything. That teeny-tine scene in S1 (was it in the book too? Probably…) was enough for me to ship it :) I was just too hot.
—Sansa/Margery. I don’t have much to say about it. I see it, it feels right, that’s all it takes. :D
—Stannis/Davos and Arya/Gendry. While I wouldn’t write/read them I wholeheartedly approve. Although, Arya/Edric Dayne is more or less equally attractive to me.

ETA: I forgot Jon/Satin! Now that's a wonderful and fitting paring. All those nights on the wall, all that cold...a boy's gotta get warm somehow ;)