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Keeping an eye on the election - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Keeping an eye on the election [Nov. 6th, 2012|07:54 pm]


Projection Map.

So, even if Romney gets all the swingers (including Florida), Obama is still good to go as long as he gets everyone who is "leaning" blue. The bad news is that we're losing one of our leaners -- Wisconsin. However, we're leading in Colorado and they have only one less electoral vote than Wisconsin.
Leaners: New Hampshire has more or less come through already. I doubt that by this point we'll lose Iowa. Ohio is still close but we're leading by 2% with over 60 percent of precincts reporting so very good chance that we'll get them.
Swingers: I already mentioned Colorado. We've more or less lost North Carolina. Losing in Virginia. It's close but almost 90 percent precincts have reported so I'm not hoping for a turn around. However, leading in Florida. Extremely close but over 90 percent of precincts have reported.
Things aren't looking so bad, guys. Lets relax a tad.

From: reg_flint
2012-11-07 05:07 am (UTC)
Maybe I'm Canadian but I'm so very relieved.
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