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Atrum Vox Part 2 (Regulus, Orion, Sirius, OCs) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Atrum Vox Part 2 (Regulus, Orion, Sirius, OCs) [Nov. 20th, 2012|01:37 pm]
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Title: Atrum Vox
Author: alley_skywalker
Characters/Parings: Severus/Lucius, Abraxas, Regulus, Orion, Evan and Andre Rosier, Bellatrix, Dearborn
Rating: PG-13
Parts: 5
Summary: Some of the most powerful magic is also Dark Magic. Yet there are those who revel in its power and do not shy away from the darkness.
Notes: 1. Atrum Vox is Latin for “dark power” or “powers of dark”.
2. This is a cycle. That is, these are ficlets/drabbles that are unrelated to each other aside from having a common theme, in this case, dark deeds/rituals. These ficlets were originally written as entries for darkarts_ldws. This is a cumulative header, each part will be posted with its own title, word count, rating and warnings.

Title: The Price of Absolution
Characters: Regulus, Orion, Sirius, OCs
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: child sacrifice

The wind blows in soft whispering gusts, rustling and flapping the bottom of Regulus’ cloak and robes around his ankles. The fabric makes a soft hissing sound that melts with the wind. There are other similar sounds, and if Regulus closes his eyes he can pick out most of them – dry leaves, rolling sticks and pebbles pushed along by the wind, a loose knot of tumbleweed…

The sky is dark. Only the edge of the moon peeks out like a shard of silver against black velvet. Usually, ritual nights would be bright with the moon full, lumbering overhead. Or so Regulus has read. But this isn’t a lunar ritual and his father says, “the darker the better” as his hand takes Regulus’.

“Why is it better?” Regulus murmurs, his eyes fixed on the circle drawn on the ground with white powder. He looks at the other few grownups who are there, the family of the squib child. The head of the family is one of Orion’s closest friends and this is why he was aloud to come and watch and intrude on something so private with his two sons. They stand on either side of Orion, Sirius – eight, his shoulders hunched and his eyes firmly fixed downward – and Regulus – seven, his eyes wide and wondering.

“When the veil is thinnest between the world of the living and Other Side, it is better to keep things in shadow,” Orion says. “You are too young to understand now, Regulus, but some day you will.”

“When you’re ready to murder your own child,” Sirius mutters.

“Keep your mouth shut, Sirius,” Orion growls. No answer follows but Sirius no longer protests, only slouches more.

The adults form a circle outside of the Zone. A boy, a couple or so years younger than Regulus, is led into the center and told to lie on the ground. The boy is crying, his eyes wide and uncertain, he doesn’t seem to understand what is happening. He is immobilized then and the head of the family makes sure everyone is at a proper distance out of the Zone before lifting his wand.

Fire springs up on the circumference of the circle and the wizard begins a monotone drone. Regulus recognizes it as a Samhain hymn, their family sung a similar one earlier that night during the holiday Rituals. Except there were no children in the middle of burning circles when they did it.

Despite the fire, Regulus feels cold. He shivers violently. The wind rises in a howl to meld with the incantation. The hymn hitches, then starts anew. This one Regulus does not know. The fire begins to crawl inward and Regulus presses against his father’s side. “Will he burn?” he whispers.

“The Ancestors will take him first,” Orion says. “If they bring such a child into the world, they must have him back. The sacrifice will return the child to them and absolve the family’s shame.”

Regulus nods, and is happy he wasn’t born a squib.