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Birthright is bullshit - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Birthright is bullshit [Dec. 12th, 2012|03:36 am]
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So. Why I'm thinking about this at all is my mother. My mother is quite a bit of a British "royal family" fan. And the other night she was all like "Oh it's too bad you bought Cosmo instead of a gossipy magazine - then I could read about the pregnant British Princess." (Becasue apparently Kate is pregnant. Wow, what a surprise. They HAVE been married for over a year or something. Married couples tent to have children duh.) But anyway. Her fangirlishnes is exceedingly annoying. The problem I find with it is very simple: THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. They just happen to be born into a lineage that USED to rule the country. I guess that's interesting and special for personal family history, although i would take no pride in being the descendant of any oppressive authoritarian monarch just as would not be proud to be the descendant of Hitler, Stalin or any other history-enshrined asshole. The British monarchy is especially annoying, more so then any other monarchy, principality, dukedom or other monarchical/monarchy-esque government because of all the hoopla surrounding them from the media and just average people OUTSIDE of Britain. If for the British this is some sort of patriotic connection to their country and history then what the hell are these people to anyone else? And the thing I HATE more than people thinking they are better than everyone else based on something meaningless like "birthright" is OTHER PEOPLE PERPETUATING THE NOTION that coming out of a certain womb somehow makes you better than everyone else. WHAT? And some of these people are intelligent, educated, progressive-thinking people who would look at you in horror if you were to tell them that someone  is superior because they were born into a richer/better educated/more powerful or socially connected/whatever family. But when they hear the words "british royal family" or a synonym, they turn into disgusting, incoherent goo and somehow hang on to some notion that these people are somehow special in a meaningful way that makes them so attention worthy. And, you know, perhaps you can say that too much attention is lavished on politicians, actors, singers, entertainers, other celebrities. But at least they're doing something. They're producing writing/music/movies/etc that, maybe not you, but a fair amount of people really enjoy. Your presidents, price ministers, governors, members of the legislature, etc are the people you elect (or maybe not you this time but next time or the time before, that's not even the point), they are the people who are working to keep our country on track, to make laws to...oh come on, do I have to list everything? You get the idea. We can argue about whether they're doing a good job or not but, in general, they're working, working hard, and they're certainly doing more than awarding medals, sending out anniversary cards and cutting red ribbons.