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Merlin vs Sherlock finale - random musings - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Merlin vs Sherlock finale - random musings [Jan. 23rd, 2013|12:34 am]
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So. I finally finished watching Merlin. AGH the finale is very heartbreaking. And I honestly don't know what's sadder -- the rooftop scene in TRF (Sherlock season 2 finale) or the Merlin finale. I think I was hit harder by the TRF scene. Not sure why, I mean the acting is wonderful in both and the scenes are both written in a very touching way and I love both Merthur and Johnlock. My thought is maybe becasue I was less prepared for the Sherlock scene (I wasn't a huge fan of the original Sherlock Holmes and only a few of the stories so I had spoiled myself technically but I didn't know how it'd go down) while I had technically scene snippets of the Merlin finale like in fanvids and stuff beforehand. Maybe it's just seeing someone like SHERLOCK actually practically crying as he LIES to protect John and everyone else he cares about when he's technically not supposed to...you know...care that much. Maybe it's becasue most of the angst in Sherlock was packed into that one scene while the Merlin thing was coming for a long time (even with spoilers aside) and the whole thing was in this haze of emotional "no, no, no, faster, faster, there's still hope." The emotion in the Merlin scene is very raw, especially for Merlin and maybe that's also part of it -- you see all  that angst spilling out, in Sherlock it's somewhat more contained, the dialogue is super clear (Merlin's panting kinda blocks out Arthur saying, "just hold me" which I wish it wasn't) and there's a lot of contact between them whereas the distance between John and Sherlock is heartbreaking. But, honestly, love both parings, both eps are just wrenching. At least Sherlock is going to come back!