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I believe in Mycroft Holmes <3 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I believe in Mycroft Holmes <3 [Jan. 23rd, 2013|09:25 pm]
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THIS is a wonderful argument for the theory that Mycroft was involved in the Fall all along. What's more interesting is the argument that Mycroft and Sherlock PLANNED Sherlock's media downfall, his defaming together and that Moriarty was actually doing EXACTLY what the Holmes boys wanted him to do. This seems to be supported somewhat less strongly but it's not impossible and even if I'm not sure that that's what the writers were going with -- although I'm pretty sure that Mycroft knew of Sherlock's survival and maybe even helped in the later stages of the cover up -- I would LOVE it if that's how it actually went down. Moriarty thinking he won out when he's actually playing right into the boys' hands? YES PLEASE WOULD BE SO PERFECT.

Actually, that whole blog is just a great Mycroft analysis center! And you know what? You know how all those Moriarty fangirls and fanboys fawn and squeel over Moriarty's suits and all that? WELL here's an analysis of Mycroft and his suits. Take that Westwood!

From: reg_flint
2013-01-24 05:42 am (UTC)
That's a new spin I never considered. Possible, but at this point not sure that it is probable. Thanks for the mindfuckery. I love mindfuckery.
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2013-01-24 06:29 am (UTC)
I definitely think Mycroft knows of Sherlock's survival and would be helping him financially etc during his time away. And there are enough details pointing that way. However, it does seem a little far fetched that they planned almost the entirety of the Final Problem. I don't think it was possible to deduce that Moriarty would plan a media death for Sherlock with the information he got instead of doing something even more screwed up. (I mean, Moriarty's mental, I think he's a little harder to predict than most people.) But there are a couple of things that don't sit well with me: why DID Mycroft give Moriarty all that information? I'm not buying that whole thing that he believe Moriarty about the code. I'm still surprised that Sherlock bought it, but Sherlock saw all those breakins go down so he knew/thought Moriarty had to have SOMETHING. (And, yea, blackmail is too simple for Sherlock's brain lol.) But the interrogation was before all that and even if Mycroft is no good with computers, I'm sure there are people in intelligence who are very good with computers and would be able to inform him that it just doesn't work like that with computers. So then the question remains, why tell him anything about Sherlock?

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From: reg_flint
2013-01-24 06:36 am (UTC)
It's well crafted and brilliant,but it's got it's plot hoes in general. They want us to speculate but I don't even know if there will be a Season 3... I am incapable of multiple fandoms.
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2013-01-24 07:02 am (UTC)
Oh no, no, Sherlock has been greenlighted for Season 3. They just had to push it back a bit. It would be just awful if we didn't get more of that show! (I really wanna see Moriarty's network fall and John and Sherlock be reunited <3)
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