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Dear NPT Author... [Apr. 19th, 2013|01:07 am]
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Dear NPT Author,

First! Thank you for writing for me. This is very exciting and I hope you will find something helpful/inspiring in this letter :)


Likes: Love-triangles, all ratings up to R, romantic/emotional aspects of relationships. Have a special preference for Slash and Gen but love specific Het and Fem as well – not picky concerning background parings.  

Dislikes: threesomes, polyamory, incest (unless asked for specifically), cross-gen (unless specifically stated otherwise), pedophilia, characters under 16 involved in sexual situations/relationships, PWPs, BDSM and heavy kink (scat, watersports, bloodplay, necro, etc), non-con/rape, MPreg, cross-dressing, genderbending/genderswap, bestiality.

Genres/Themes (and such):
Likes: angst, hurt/comfort (mainly of the m/m variety), fluff, cuddling/snuggling, adorable!fic, dark!fic, banter, well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/motives

Dislikes: crack!fic/parody, radical AUs that subvert the universe (genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc), crossovers (unless specifically asked for), intentional OOCness, character bashing


The L Word
Requested Characters: Alice/ Tasha

That Femslash Paring I Get Super Excited Over <3 I love both of them so much! The last season was so heartbreaking when their relationship seemed to be falling apart. But the end also made it seem kind of hopeful. Whatever you chose to write about, I do want a happy ending for them together, that’s really all I ask for. Otherwise, I’m going to be terribly unhelpful and say do with it whatever you like. I love how different they are but how they fit together so well despite all of those differences.  Also, I’m not really a Dana or Alice/Dana fan so keeping Dana out of the picture as much as possible would be preferred. Alice/Tasha are after Dana’s time on the show so I don’t think this is going to be an issue but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

A Song of Ice and Fire
Requested Characters: Jaime, Tyrion

So. I’ve seen the first two seasons of GoT (am watching the 3rd one as it airs) and have read SoS and will finish FFC any day now. Basically the only thing you can really spoil me for is ADWD but I’m not horribly spoiler averse so go ahead, just be aware that I’m not familiar with that book yet and things you may think are a given I might not know yet. Anyway… Um, so I just want some brothers!fluff. I know we don’t get much of this – they’re both really snarky – but these two DO seem to be quite close/fond of one another. So, I want to see brotherly fluff and maybe hurt/comfort of some sort. Their typical snark/banter is welcome of course, but I don’t want this to be dark!fic, at least as far as their relationship goes. Ever since the end of SoS I’ve been dreaming of reconciling hugs for these two so…yea…fluff. No incest please, aside from the canon Jaime/Cersei.

Requested Characters: Mike/Trevor

Not to break the fandom slash OTP or anything… lol. I love Harvey/Mike and all that but I kinda want to take the opportunity to see something different here :) And, ok, there’s no denying that Trevor is a bad influence and being a dealer (supplier? I couldn’t really figure out which one he was…) is worse than taking the LSATs for people (all though those of us who had to go through those may feel differently lol) but I’d ask you to please refrain from character bashing. Anyway, I’m totally not picky timeframe wise, but I’d love to see these two together before Mike meets Harvey. I’m definitely angling (hoping?) for some slash here. There was something about the way Mike keeps letting Trevor talk him into stuff, something about how he says that whole thing about “Mike gets screwed over because Trevor didn’t know something again” (don’t remember the exact quote…). I just see so much potential for angst! :D I’m just rambling and not being helpful right? Anyway, you can go the lighthearted (and more gen) rout and write about their “adventures” (misadventures?) together pre-canon or make it more emotionally complicated: love and jealousy and betrayal and angst ;D *ahem* Anyway yea…something along those lines… But um, when in doubt, hurt/comfort is your friend. Always :)  

Thank you for writing for me!