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21 First Lines Meme - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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21 First Lines Meme [Apr. 22nd, 2013|08:40 pm]

As part of my procrastination process, here is the 21 First Lines Meme. Basically, the first lines of the last 21 fics I wrote. Admittedly this does not include fics that either in Russian or were written for anonymous fest and have not been posted/revealed yet.

“Pierre knew from the start that it was a mistake.” – Scattered Stars (War and Peace)

“Rodolphus knows of course, he would have to be a complete imbecile to not know.” – Truth (Harry Potter)

""Hide them, all of them. Keep her safe."” – Interlude (Harry Potter)

“Lucius had been taught from a very early age to keep all of his emotions under control.” – The Prewett Girl (Harry Potter)

“We were a bunch of privileged university kids – me, Andrew, Eugene, Sebastian and Harry.” – An Unexpected Attraction (Andrew In Drag)

“The world is cruel and unfair and anyone who doesn’t realize this is either an idiot or blind. “ – Fighting and Hiding (The Borgias)

“After Snow White became queen, peace fell over the land. “ – Ever After (Snow White and the Huntsman)

From Marie Antoinette’s letter to her brother, Joseph II, 1775” – Queen of Hearts (Farewell My Queen)

She is absolutely ravishing, was the first thought that struck Marie Antoinette when she was first presented with Gabrielle de Polastron for the first time.” – A Rose With Thorns (Farewell My Queen)

“They look a lot alike, although not quite enough alike to be brother and sister.” – All the Difference (Harry Potter)

“For a Pureblood girl, there are traditionally four rites of passage in life – the first wand, the coming out ball, the marriage and the coming of the firstborn son. “ – A Pureblood Girl’s Wedding (Harry Potter)

“Five years is a long time, but sometimes it feels like no time has passed at all.“ – Despite the Odds (Harry Potter)

“James Moriarty does not love.” – Desire to Possess (Sherlock BBC)

“He is here again, standing in the doorway to her bedroom as though he belongs there.” – Filling a Void (War and Peace)

“Lily sat alone in one of the corner loveseats, staring blankly at the letter on her lap.” – Lion Among Snakes, Snake Among Lions (Harry Potter)

“Molly doesn’t know why John keeps hanging around Barts after Sherlock’s “death.”” – In Silence (Sherlock BBC)

“It took several weeks for the papers to pass back into Antonin’s hands after the Azkaban breakout.” – In Love and War (Harry Potter)

“Scorpius had never intended for it to go like this.” – Accident’s Folly (Harry Potter)

“Sansa is a pretty little thing.” – Weapon of Choice (Game of Thrones)

“Rowena always thought that she was not made for relationships.” – Exception to the Rule (Harry Potter)

“Severus knew that he and Lily fought on different sides of the war.” – Loyalty (Harry Potter)

Not sure if this says anything about me/my writing? Any patterns? Short sentences? There is an abnormaly large variety of fandoms here, but that's because all of Yuletide falls into the last 21 fics I've written.