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The Borgias...little coherency, mostly feelings - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Borgias...little coherency, mostly feelings [May. 5th, 2013|12:32 am]
[Tags|, ]

So I finally started to watch the 3rd season of The Borgias. I used to adore this show but now it took me SO long to start watching the new season. I find myself annoyed more and more at the show. I mean, I still like it but I think some of the interest has come out.

Firstly, losing Juan has done a lot of that. (And I already was mad that they messed with his characterization so much in the second season, supposedly so that people would care less when they killed him off.) But it’s not just Juan and it’s not just the whole Juan v Cesare-Lucrezia thing.

Yes, speaking of those two. I don’t like Cesare. Actually, I like him less and less. Same with Lucrezia. Part of this is just the characters themselves. But the incest just adds to this. Not, I’m not always completely grossed by incest or whatever. For example, I’m totally cool with the Jaime/Cersei incest in Game of Thrones. Maybe it’s just too sappy. (l love Jaime but neither of C/L.) I think I would like them more if they were just a really cute/sweet brother-sister pair. Of course, now that it’s canon, fandom’s swooning is less annoying.

But of course I keep watching since the show is interesting (and pretty) and I like the other characters – Gulia, Venozza, Micheletto (although I don’t ship him with Cesare quite like I used to) etc. It’s just…Cesare and Lucrezia I don’t care much for.