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Sherlock rec list [May. 18th, 2013|02:27 am]
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I feel like I'm not deep enough into Sherlock fandom to make my own rec lists. Mostly, I read either the kink meme or things from other rec lists. Speaking of which: this is a wonderful Mycroft-centric rec list. Lots of these are hurt/comfort, lots of them Sherlock&Mycroft gen. A good portion of them involve torture, just as fair warning, but not all.

As a side note, it's weird with Mycroft and I. I don't think I payed him too much mind until a certain fanfic author started attacking him in a fic. (By attacking, what I mean is...lets just say in this fic Moriarty and Moran are the "good" guys and the Holmes brothers are the "bad" guys. And, like, it's not a good-character-is-dark AU and strives to be IC. It's just...warped at best and disgusting at worst.) So...long story short, my affection for Mycroft has only grown.

Anyways. I just have Sherlock feels tonight.

Oh, and just a few more feels before I'm done. An excerpt from one of the fics on the list, teen!Mycroft to kid!Sherlock:

“You don’t know? Well, I know how I would feel if you were to die before me. I would feel terribly alone. I think I would spend the rest of my life resenting the fact that there was no one left in the world who had any chance of understanding me, and I think I would spend unhealthy amounts of time picturing your face, and your hands, and your hair, and recalling all of the mean little things you’ve ever said to me.”

Yea...I think my heart exploded <3