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Star Wars rant [May. 19th, 2013|03:06 am]
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I haven't been in Star Wars fandom for a while or re-watched it for a while either BUT I still love the series. So I have strong feelings about this. I know that a lot of people who hate on the prequels grew up with the Original Trilogy and that THE story for them, making the prequels the background. But...IDK. I always feel really bad when they are bashed. Or when people say things like "Star Wars is Luke's story, not Anakin's story." Um. No.

And, honestly, if I had been introduced into Star Wars not with Ep 3 but by the OT I don't think I would have watched more than one episode without giving up. Yes, this has something to do with that old movies just don't do it with me most of the time. But NO it's NOT about special effects. I'm not a guy or a special effects geek. I mean, the effects are nice but they don't make or break a movie for me.

My order of watching SW was III, I, II, IV, V, VI. Maybe this has something to do with it. My introduction was through Anakin (and through, possibly, the best prequel episode). But again - Anakin. SW is Anakin's story for me, so I guess, the OT is kinda...well, not irrelevant but it's just different. It's Luke-focused and I find myself bored a lot. The people who say the prequels are just backstory and don't have an actual STORY are wrong. They sure as hell do and if you didn't see it, then maybe you want things spelled out for you a little too much. (I feel like old movies do that a lot, that's why they're so draggy half the time.) The people who think that Episode I should be left out of a SW marathon are also wrong. Of course, they think this becasue they think nothing of worth is introduced in that episode. This, again, is becasue they don't see SW as Anakin's story and they don't see Anakin and his fall to the Dark Side as a story of it's own. It's all "this is how Luke's dad got to be Darth Vader". But that's highly inadequate. Whether you hate Jar Jar or not (honestly, I never understood why...he never annoyed me much at all...) the circumstances under which Obi-Wan came to train Anakin are important. Qui-Gon is an important character.

I don't get into arguments with the OT-stans becasue it's useless. They are convinced that they have a superior understanding and taste in film and that's that. I don't care if someone personally doesn't like the PT and  doesn't want to watch them but the constant bashing and the constant disdain toward people who do like them is annoying and aggravating and some of the claims they make about what is and isn't relevant/important in the saga are...wrong. I'm sorry, but, no, just no.