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One of the things I'll miss about college... - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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One of the things I'll miss about college... [Jun. 9th, 2013|10:48 pm]
[Current Mood |sad]
[Current Music |"Here's To Never Growing Up" - Avril Lavigne]

There are gonna be so many things that I miss about college. Some of them can be kinda made up for but some of them can't. One of the obvious ones is all the time off - this will, I suppose, be my last summer off. However, I still have this summer.

The one thing that's definitely gonna dissipate, I realize, is the partying. Not all the partying, of course, but my favorite kind will. The middle-sized party. Small kick-backs with friends and a few beers will always be around, I suppose. Maybe no more big ragers/dance parties, but I did always like the clubs more for those sort of things, and there will be clubs still around after I graduate. But I feel like the middle-sized party is something unique to college. There's the loud blaring music and tons of people, half of whom you don't know BUT unlike huge dance parties/ragers, there's always a beer pong/snappa/gaucho ball/something table going on, there's plenty of alcohol (as long as you arrive at a reasonable time, like before 11:30), your get to socialize with lots of people other than the group you came with, but/and it's still closed enough where people will still sometimes ask "who do you know here?"

I have a few different social circles right now. The one that revolves around people in Russian Club seems to be the best at these parties. (In my sophomore year, it was the Locos, but than things changed a bit). We'd have parties where I knew a bunch of people there, I met new people while there and it was easy becasue we were all drinking (yes, I'm shy, alcohol is my social lubricant of choice, k?) and we had fun drinking games. I know some people think drinking games are stupid but I bet those people have never played them while tipsy or more. Yea, I guess if you play them sober it's kinda lame (that's why I never understood the couple of times people tried to play beer pong with water...that's not the point, guys). But they can get really intense and fun. Maybe I'm just competitive, IDK. But it's also the spectator aspect: you're standing there, waiting for your game, watching the people playing play and other people are doing the same and you kinda end up talking to them. These parties have been some of the best in my life. (I've ended up with some of my worst hang overs from them, but that was more me not paying attention to my alcohol intake, not the parties' fault.)

I'm gonna miss these. I feel like there just isn't that sense of community in the "real word" where you'd know enough crazy-loving people around your age to pack an apartment with. There also seems to be some stigma in the adult world against partying/getting drunk/alcohol in general. I don't understand why. Maybe becasue the majority of the adult world is settled down with kids and you kinda of HAVE to curb some of these alcohol-behaviors when you have kids, but if you don't have that baggage, what's so wrong with it? Exactly - nothing.

Yea, I'm gonna miss getting drunk with my friends and all of our crazy drinking games and staying up to talk and goof off until 4am. As far as I'm concerned, "career goals" and "mature things" can suck it. They'll never live up to this.