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Dear Rarepair Fest Author [Jun. 17th, 2013|08:22 pm]
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Dear Rarepair Fest Author,
Thank you for writing for me! These parings are near and dear to my heart and I’m very excited that someone will write me a story with one of them. Optional details are optional, but I suppose you’ve come here looking for some more information, so here’s a quick rundown.



Likes: slash, het, certain femslash (and gen but this is a paring fest so…), love-triangles, all ratings up to R, romantic/emotional aspects of relationships
Dislikes: threesomes, polyamory, incest (unless asked for specifically), parings with large age disparity (over 10 yrs) unless specifically stated otherwise, pedophilia, PWPs, BDSM and heavy kink (scat, watersports, bloodplay, necro, etc), non-con/rape, MPreg, cross-dressing, genderbending/genderswap, bestiality.

Genres/Themes (and such):
Likes: angst, hurt/comfort (especially of the m/m variety), fluff, cuddling/snuggling, adorable!fic, dark!fic, banter, well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/motives
Dislikes: crack!fic/parody, radical AUs that subvert the universe (genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc), unsolicited crossovers, intentional OOCness, character bashing, girl as the hurt one in het h/c, glorification of bullying, humiliation


War and Peace
Pierre Bezukhov/Anatole Kuragin
I was actually converted to this paring and now I see how much potential it has. I’m partial to pre-canon scenarios for them, especially for the more fluffy genres. I can totally see this paring as a first love thing for both of them. I wouldn’t be adverse, however, to a more angsty approach where they’re both replacing the people they actually love (Bolkonski, Dolokhov respectively) with each other. I would also be really interested in seeing canon events filtered through the lens of this paring. Also, Pierre’s feelings when he learns of Anatole’s death? Angst!

Theodore Dolokhov/Anatole Kuragin
OMG. The paring to end all parings for me. This is my absolute OTP. Which technically means that I really don’t care where you take it as long as they are both in love with each other at the end of the day (even if they don’t exactly end up together). Seriously, everything from fluff, to angst, to dealing with Anatole's affair with Natasha, to plotty relationship development, to hurt/comfort – OMG Borodino broke my heart! – to major post-war angst wherein Theodore deals with Anatole’s death. Seriously, anything goes. There’s so much tension: in personalities, in class status, in the fact that they’re two men at a time when same-sex relationships were seen exclusively as an abomination and had to be secret – and yet they have so much potential for perfection!

Theodore Dolokhov/Sonya Rostov
This is one my favorite het parings ever. I think these two are perfect for each other and I was always really sad that Sonya turned him down. I would equally love an AU where Sonya says yes to Dolokhov’s proposal or a post-war fic where they meet again and their relationship develops from there. Nikolai is married by now so Sonya has no need to stay 100% faithful to him or anything. After all, he ditched her. You can go for angst or romantic fluff, both are great.

Theodore Dolokhov/Helene Kuragin
They’re great on a whole spectrum of genres and themes. A pre-book teenage romance, their affair after Helene’s marriage, and exploration of the class issues standing between them… I think they can range anywhere from sweet and beautiful, if hopeless, romance to something dark, passionate, complicated and possibly selfish. I would love to see a “mature” relationship. I think they’re both characters that put up with a lot. I think there’s lots of pressure on Helene from society and her father to be a certain way and I think that leaves its mark.

Anatole Kuragin/Natasha Rostov
The one Natasha paring I honestly love. These two are so…gah! It’s so teenage romance/first love and they completely lose their heads. I wish I knew what prompt to give you but I’m pretty sure that anything – even just a canon-tight expansion on their romance – would be fantastic! I’d rather not have dark!fic with them or anything like that but angst is certainly fine. This was the one time I really sympathized with Natasha and I think Anatole was not devious at all here. Immature and irresponsible? Sure. But he’s not some evil seducer, more like a boy who gets the biggest crush in the world and allows his imagination to run away with him.

Harvey Specter/Dana Scott
I love how sexy this paring was in season 1. I kinda wish they didn't do the whole mushy-lovey thing in season 2. It just kinda...took something away from Scottie. I would especially love a pre-canon timeframe, perhaps their years at Harvard or afterwards. There is definitely a sort of fuck-buddies type of dynamic going on there and I kinda would be interested in seeing how this effects them after Harvard. This sort of arrangement seems like the perfect thing for college but I feel like the "real world" would come into conflict with it more or less. I'm not against genuine feelings between them, btw, I just don't want it to be so very one-sided as it was in season 2. If anything, I would rather see it from the perspective of Harvey's vulnerability and feelings.

Mike Ross/Trevor Evans
Not to break the fandom slash OTP or anything…I love Harvey/Mike and all that but I kinda want to take the opportunity to see something different here :) And, ok, there’s no denying that Trevor is a bad influence and being a dealer (supplier? I couldn’t really figure out which one he was…) is worse than taking the LSATs for people (all though those of us who had to go through those may feel differently lol) but I’d ask you to please refrain from character bashing. Anyway, there was something about the way Mike keeps letting Trevor talk him into stuff, something about how he says that whole thing about “Mike gets screwed over because Trevor didn’t know something again” (don’t remember the exact quote…). I just see so much potential for angst! :D I’m just rambling and not being helpful right? Anyway, you can go the lighthearted rout and write about their “adventures” (misadventures?) together pre-canon or make it more emotionally complicated: love and jealousy and betrayal and angst ;D *ahem* Anyway yea…something along those lines… But um, when in doubt, hurt/comfort is your friend. Always :) 

The Borgias
This paring is so full of angst. I don't think we'd seen Micheletto be devastated about anything until this. I don't have a specific prompt for this or anything, but something that reflects the soaring up and crashing down of this relationship would be great. No character bashing, please. I think I slightly would prefer Micheletto's POV to Pascal's but it's not a big deal either way.

Juan Borgia/Sancia
This is just such a sexy paring. At least I think it is. I’m not particularly picky as to plot here. I just love Juan and I thought all of his scenes with Sancia were really hot. I’m not looking for a PWP but sexual tension and some resolution would be great. I would love to see an expansion on what we see in canon of their affair. Even better if Juan is still trying to look out for Geoffrey along the way (like when he says to Sancia before her wedding night “be good to him”). You can take a more romantic rout too. I can’t see them as too mushy but I wouldn’t be adverse to a more romantic approach.

Harry Potter
Evan Rosier/Severus Snape
This is my HP slash OTP <3 I love the angst potential here. I wouldn’t mind fluff either, though, if you want. I would love to see these two during the First War, perhaps a progression of their relationship. I would seriously like this to be mutual. You don’t have to ignore canon/Lily, I’m all for Severus/Lily, but once she’s out of the picture, I would love to see Sev having a fulfilling relationship with Evan. Oh, yes, hurt/comfort is your friend :D That being said, how does Sev’s betrayal fit into this? How does that effect him emotionally – knowing you’re betraying your friends and your lover? Does Evan have suspicions? And if he does but can’t bring himself to tell/confront Sev – oh the glorious angst! Lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sev’s reaction to Evan’s death.

Antonin Dolohov/Bellatrix Lestrange
This is like one of my HP OTPs. My headcanon is that they are the same age, or about at least, went to school together and were kinda school sweethearts. Bella’s marriage to Roddy was arranged, etc. you don’t have to stick with that at all, though, of course; do with it what you want. I would like it to be at least ultimately mutual, not just a one-sided thing. This can be as romantic or angsty as you want, a mix would be lovely. I would love to see an exploration of their relationship before and/or during the First War but wouldn’t be opposed to Second War fic if that’s what your muse fancies. I will also note, though, that I kinda see Bella’s insanity as largely a product of Azkaban. She can be extremist before then though, if you like, but please, no psycho-Bella pre-Second War.

Scorpius Malfoy/Louis Weasley
These two! I can see lots of angst for them with Scorpius being a Malfoy and Louis being a Weasley but fluff is also wonderful. I can definitely see them fighting against lots of disapproval from their families and perhaps this causing issues in their relationship. They’re also from rather different backgrounds, so I can see that causing problems as well. Not terribly picky about Louis’ house but personal preference says Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Please, let Scorpius be a Slytherin, though. I definitely have a soft spot for mush and h/c with these two. I also have a squick for poor!Malfoys or outcast!Malfoys or bullied!Scorpius, etc along those lines and I’d appreciate it if you avoided that trope. Otherwise, just about anything goes.

Remus Lupin/Evan Rosier
My interest in this paring is pretty new. I think what I like the most about it is the possibilities and impossibilities that it presents. Different houses, backgrounds, ideologies etc and to see how that can work together would be wonderful. I suppose it would start as an accident of some sort or perhaps a bet or a set up or something and then evolve into something more. I think both of them are too dedicated to their respective causes to ever switch sides which, I suppose, would preclude a happy ending but I think that's the beauty of this paring - it can be so deliciously psychologicaly messed up and complicated. It's all about war and hate and desire. It helps that I really like both of these characters.

Sherlock BBC
Mycroft Holmes/John Watson
I would be interested in seeing a post-TRF scenario. Mycroft can be helping Sherlock all along or maybe he doesn’t know his brother is alive. I think it would be interesting to see John come to terms with Mycroft’s “betrayal” of Sherlock and realize that Mycroft was doing what he thought was best. As a Johnlock shipper, it's hard for me to reconcile that with this paring but I think TRF is a wonderful period of time for this to happen. I don't care if Johnlock had been a thing before TRF or if it was gen with them, although the emotional aspects might be easier to work out if things had been gen. Anyway, I want some badass Mycroft, some awesome John and these two favorites of mine finaly finading something mutual between them that isn't all about Sherlock.

Mycroft Holmes/Molly Hooper
I know, this seems weird, but I would be interested in seeing how these two could work together. Post-TRF would be especially interesting but it doesn't have to be. I really identify with Molly and I think Sherlock's treatment of her was...very Sherlock but also very upsetting. I think Mycroft is certainly softer around the edges. And yet, he's still a Holmes, which means issues with attachment and feelings etc and seeing a connection develope between him and Molly would be wonderful.