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RL Interference note and a poll - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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RL Interference note and a poll [Jun. 29th, 2013|02:10 pm]
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So, RL has chosen to throw a curve ball my way. I won't go into specifics but basically, I've been forced to drop some of my fandom load. Specifically, hp_friendship. I dropped out of heroinebigbang earlier this ear when I got overwhelmed with school. I did so before artist claims so I don't feel too bad about it and the friendship fest is a prompt fest. I could never let myself drop an exchange unless there was some sort of insane RL emergency or something. I do feel kinda bad still. Hopefully, the one other fest I have due before August won't need to be dropped.

The one thing I AM staying in for is het_bigbang. I've been outlining some plot bunnies but I can't seem to decide and I really need to get writing on it. So anyway, here are the scenarios I have and it would be nice if you guys could vote for the one you like best (even though/if you don't know the fandom). Comments on these are also great.

1. Fandom/Pairing: War and Peace; Dolokhov/Sonya (mainly)
Description of plotbunny: Post-War, not quite epilogue-compliant. After the war, Nikolai marries Maria Bolkonski and Sonya is left in the humiliating position of a live-in poor relative. Dolokhov has a son, from Helene who died in childbirth. Dolokhov is struggling – with the PTSD and the need to raise a child which he never thought he’d be stuck doing. At a war memorial a few years after the war ends, Dolokhov and Nikolai (sort of) reconnect. It is in Nikolai’s house that Dolokhov meets Sonya once again, the girl he’d once proposed to who had at the time rejected him. Their tense, somewhat awkward, but obviously destined relationship grows from there. (Love triangles! Angst! Haunting pasts! Post-war drama!)

2. Fandom/Pairing: War and Peace; Anatole Dolokhov/Maria Bezukhov (mainly)
Description of plotbunny: Next!Gen fic. Maria has just recently come out into society. Her mother is dead set on marrying her off to Nicholas Bolkonski and she doesn’t really have an opinion on it either way. That is of course, before Theodore Dolokhov and his son, Anatole, come to Petersburg… Anatole has been sheltered and loved all his life; he’s very close to his father who adores him. Now, having come to Petersburg for his education, he is caught up in a whole new whirlwind of life, not at the least of it is the beautiful Maria. …Of course the problem is that their families are ABSOLUTELY AGAINST THIS! (forbidden romance! Angst! Duels! Love triangles and jealousy! Family rivalries! Secrets! Haunting pasts!)

3. Fandom/Pairing: War and Peace; Dolokhov/Sonya
Description of plotbunny: AU. Sonya accepts Dolokhov’s proposal at the urging of her aunt and because she, somewhere deep inside, understands that Nikolai will never marry because he does not truly love her. Disapproving of her husband’s rakish lifestyle and mourning her lost love, Sonya is demure but obviously not exactly what Dolokhov had wanted from his new wife. He tries, but his efforts initially fall short. The marriage goes through various ups and downs as Sonya slowly falls in love with her husband as they learn to work together, complete each other and face a world which is inherently set against those not in an economically/socially advantageous position. (Romance! Drama! Love triangles!)

4. Fandom/Pairing: War and Peace; Dolokhov/Helene
Description of plotbunny: Canon-tight. They meet at a ball in their late teens and from then on their lives will be defined by their love and the impossibility of being together. As though things were bad enough when they were both single, Helene’s marriage puts extra social restrains on their relationship and what had started as a discrete romance becomes a secret (or not so much) affair. Basically, canon from the Kuragin-Dolokhov perspective. (Forbidden romance! Adultery and jealousy! Duels! Class difference issues! Angst! War!)

Which one should I write?


Would you be willing to beta?

Yes, if you write the option I voted for