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Random Borgias and Suits thoughts - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Random Borgias and Suits thoughts [Jul. 24th, 2013|11:54 am]
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The Borgias
The finale was really nice – for a season finale, but it does feel a little unfinished for an entire series finale, but honestly, given that the show was pretty much suddenly canceled it faired better than most have/would have.

In general, Lucrezia had become less annoying as of late. (I did feel very bad for her husband though, he seemed like a nice guy who got a bad deal in the end.) Cesare sucks as usual. He may be competent but just argh. Everyone likes him but I just…can’t. The incest actually wasn’t so bad. Maybe because it’s finally canon, but most likely because Lucrezia grew up and it wasn’t some over sappy teenage lovey-dovey thing anymore.

Overall, I think I’m satisfied. I’m not sure what they would have done to cover an entire new season and still keep the quality and the pacing. Also, Micheletto leaves so…I think that’s a pretty sign of an end lol.

OH! Speaking of Micheletto! Micheletto/Pascal is like my OTP for this fandom now I think. (Other than Juan/Sancia, but the two can easily exist side by side :D). That whole dying scene and how Micheletto cries and then holds him…*squee*

Also, apparently there has been some friction between the Borgias and Game of Thrones fan bases? Not sure why, but anyway, if I had to chose - Game of Thrones, hands down.


Ahhhhh Havey and Mike! So heartbreaking! But OMG looks like they’re back together! I almost kinda wish, though, that they’d drawn out the angst. I know their dynamic is central to the show, but I also feel like season 3 is long enough for the audience to survive some autonomy and independent development for all the characters involved. Also, I feel like…we see Mike’s angst. A lot of it, but I wish we saw a little more of it on Harvey’s side. Yea, he’s pissed, but pissed doesn’t have to get in the way of angst. Duh. Anyway.

I surprised myself. I was annoyed at Harvey as of late, actually. It’s like…I know he’s self centered but I feel like he’s taking this merger and basically throwing a temper tantrum over it. Like, get over yourself. You’re acting like everyone betrayed you but it’s actually mostly such a mess because your ego is so damn big.

I did LOVE the Harvey/Scottie interaction. They are certainly my fave couple on the show. I don’t know if I ship them more than Harvey/Mike but I definitely ship them hard. I also really love Dana. (I am pissed at Harvey for sending her to London…and the writers. They could have made awesome use of her.)

Anyway. Harvey isn’t the ONLY one I’m annoyed at. Also Donna. It’s harder to put my finger on this one, but I think Rachel was right when she said “this wasn’t about work, this was my like” or something like that. Donna was basically being dishonest with Rachel and…IDK. Not everything is about Harvey! Also, her being mad at Mike to the extent that she was, wasn’t fair. Again, she seemed to be completely not understanding of the pressure Mike was under. After all, she was pissed at Harvey after she got fired, but she expected Mike to just…throw himself under the bus? What?

Mike/Rachel is still kind of an annoying couple. The fact that it’s all so “lets have sex all the time” makes it worse. I know that’s what Harvey and Scottie do but it’s not like they see each other all the time and they have always had the fuck buddies dynamic.

The case in the last episode was an interesting one, mainly because it was so conflicting. Dennis – or whatever his name is – is a such a dick, but on the other hand, it’s not like bribery is a good thing or something that’s easy to rout for…