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Suits notes [Aug. 27th, 2013|11:17 pm]
[Tags|, ]

—So Harvey and Donna did do it, at least that once. I guess that makes the paring pretty much canon. Not…explicit canon but…

—I have definitely liked Harvey more before. I still like him but…I kinda want him to lose. At least once. Even if it’s something not significant but I want him to lose. And not just as a temporary thing but as a final outcome. It doesn’t even have to be a case, but when someone is kinda unbeatable, it’s just not fun anymore.

—I think it was a really stupid move for the writers to make Stephen into this...character who is suddenly very hard to sympathize with. I think Harvey needed some competition, Donna need a man (who wasn’t Harvey) and just…I liked him around. I wanted to see more of him. Really, I just think this character was mishandled, because how is it that Darby’s second in command, so to speak, always is – or at least looks – so incompetent?

—So…Donna was overreacting a bit there? Just because Stephen got the deposition doesn’t mean he was planning to do anything with it. And it’s not like he could not do his job, and if Darby said “keep me informed on what Harvey and co. are doing” what was he supposed to do? Say no? Seriously? (Which, apparently, wasn’t exactly why he got the deposition, but Donna didn’t know that at the time.)

—Lol! The whole thing about Louis and the cat tries is just ridiculous. A show needs its comic relief but just OMG LOL. (As though anyone actually has time for this at any job, not to mention a large firm.)

—TREVOR! Ok, I have an unhealthy love for Mike/Trevor, I can’t help it. But I LOVED seeing that backstory. These guys just have a lot of chemistry and there was a large deal of loyalty on both sides. I can’t help the shipping because there is just so much potential for all these complicated feelings on both sides… LOVE IT. Hope to see more of them in the future.