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Partial RL update [Aug. 29th, 2013|12:45 am]

So. I’ve started law school. More on that at at a later time.

For now, let me…explore my new living situation. Initially, the plan was to live at home and commute. I knew the commute would be nasty but it seemed worth it for the money saving. That didn’t work out for a variety of reasons so now I’m living I LA.

My apartment is really nice. Maybe even a little too nice. I suppose this is a consequence of the fact that LA is really hot and I pretty much refused to live anywhere that doesn’t have air conditioning but, apparently, places that have air conditioning are all really nice. Unfortunately, really nice does equal quite expensive, but because a lot of things were happening a the same time, it worked out that I decided to stay at this complex. The apartment is great in and of itself, the building is very nice and very secure, I’m in a nicer part of downtown and the atmosphere of the are is very to my liking. I really like all the skyscrapers and I have to walk across a bridge above the freeway when I come home or go to the metro, and I really enjoy watching all those cars zoom by.

I have air conditioning. I do kind of stress about using it too much because that is going to really cost me, but anyway…The windows are modern, sound insolated windows, unlike my old apartment, so if I have my windows closed noise gets minimized a lot which is great (especially since it’s so warm right now in the evenings that I don’t even feel guilty about leaving them closed and having the AC on.) The only weird thing is that I think I can hear my upstairs neighbors walking…I don’t think they’re doing anything really rude like jumping around, it seems like people are just walking. This puzzles me because um…these are new, really nice buildings…I really thought the insulation would be better? The only other think I can think of is that my apartment is right next to the hall/crosswalk and maybe when people walk across the crosswalk upstairs the sound/vibration resonates that way? IDEK.

Lol, it’s so sad it’s funny though. Of course I have the same problem with neighbors and tv habits as with the last place. And again, it’s not eveyone’s tv which is blaring, it’s very clearly one apartment. The problem is that I can’t really tell which one this time. I think it’s one from above me but not necessarily the one exactly above me. My frustration honestly comes from the fact that OMG people how rude can you be? Why do people think it’s ok to loudly watch their tv with their windows open after midnight o a weeknight? These units have AC. There is literally no excuse.

I have my windows closed right now, which thankfully in this unit means I can’t hear them. BUT it gets hot in my apartment very quickly when it’s closed up and not ACed. But to have the AC running through the night…no seriously, I’m trying to be financially responsible here. Having to spend on conditioning because of noise should NOT be my problem. It should be my neighbor’s problem if they want to watch tv so late at night.

Again, tv and noise is only an example here. The issue is more general: why are some people just so goddamn plain rude?

The sad part is because of my disability I’m limited to living in places where there is good public transportation. This typically means cities (of various sizes but still cities) and those, generally, provide apartments for housing. Also, I have to live close to work, and there are more job opportunities in big cities, and I think the only think you can get in a big city is an apartment. And I hate apartments.

But aside from that, I’m actually quite happy with the place. I haven’t, of course, been here quite long enough to make a judgment but it is nicer than my old place. Of course, I’m paying a hell of a lot for it but still. It’s a nice place.