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Suits thoughts [Sep. 23rd, 2013|08:55 pm]

So I'm caught up through the finale (sub-finale?) of season 3. Watched the last 3 eps today. Will say straight away that this show annoys me sometimes. I love it, but sometimes...

—The whole thing with Stephen (and Darby) was painful. In the end, Darby is no worse than Eiva (or however you spell her name) and Stephen…something about what he said to Donna made sense. And…honestly I blame the writers here. Stephen always came off as a much nicer guy than Harvey and really not like what they tried to set him up as. Also this whole “let’s always leave Harvey with a win AND the moral high ground” is getting really annoying, since Harvey isn’t exactly a poster boy for morality. I was so excited when Harvey got some competition, at least for Donna’s attention, and then it’s like they got scared of it (or couldn’t bare to see Harvey lose, so they needed to create a loophole). It’s just frustrating. Main characters who have no weaknesses, who never lose, are annoying and Harvey seems to be coming out to be just that sort of character.

—Also, to the above, how is sneakily adding things into a deal post-fact not a breach of contract?

—The thing with Louis. Again. I mean, wonderful comic relief there, I laughed really hard during the Harvey-Louis confrontation but DAMN. I mean, not that I feel that bad for Louis, given how he just treated Harold…but…just, I feel like that was too much of a low blow.
—Same “Harvey always wins without really trying” with Scottie. As much as I loved seeing Scottie again, I kinda wish they’d make everyone else look a little less incompetent. But I do like that they didn’t make her into a total bitch; it would have totally killed her character. And aww at their finale! Still love this paring. ALSO. Does this mean Scottie gets to stay as a more regular character?!

—Lol at Mike for not understanding why Rachel is upset. Although, I do think she’s overreacting just a tiny bit.

—Mike, the only people who can’t make a long-distance relationship work are people who can’t keep it in their pants.

—First, did Donna really believe that Stephen would do anything for her? What the hell reason would he have? Secondly, it’s bullshit that Stephen would not know about he recorded conversations; I mean he’s a lawyer and a damn good one. I think he’d know. I guess you could make the argument that he’s British and it’s different in Britain…IDK. Still seems kinda not cautious enough for a high-level lawyer.  

—Oh-oh, Louis is onto Mike…Gah they managed to stick a cliffhanger in there.