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Random stuff [Oct. 17th, 2013|03:51 am]
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[Current Mood |blah]

It's late. Very late. I should be in bed but well, I'm not, so I'm making a random update with random things.

It's been busy with school but I feel like I can keep up in my classes without killing myself. Except for Con. Law. I feel hopelessly lost/behind in that class and have no idea how to fix it yet. Grrr. Won't really be able to say for sure how much I'll be punished for my slacking until after exams so... Also, I really hate writing and research. I know they're important but I still hate them. And they're both year-long classes *facepalm* I don't like our schedule for Spring semester. I will start at 10 ever day (except Monday when I'll start at 2) and end at 5 every day (except Friday when I'll end at...2 if I remember correctly). The only reason the days are so long is because there are these awkward breaks in the middle of the day. Time to do homework I guess. Whatever. I just kinda really hate that we will end so late on Friday (I really like ending at 11:15 on Friday this term). Also, starting at 10 is better than starting at 8:30 but I'd rather start at 8:30 three days a week with every other day starting at 1 or 2 than have it be at 10 four days in a row.

So I decided to get "involved" and became a IL Rep. for OutLaw (which is like the law school version of GSA). This isn't bad but I have to go to board meetings, which would be fine if they weren't on Tuesdays and/or Thursday. (Because the meetings are at lunch (12pm) and I don't have to be on campus for class until 1 or 2 those days. Actually 2, since Legal Research, as a class, is over now.) Basically, getting up earlier = bad.

Also, the job search thing still confounds me. I'm so bloody bad at it it's not even funny.

In good news: I have a dance partner! This was hard because it's hard to find someone who already has experience but doesn't have a partner. Also, I feel like I'm gonna go crazy at our first comp becasue it will be at my old school and when they do team match...I think my heart will explode. Because, socially, it would be very bad from me to defect from my new team to cheer for my old school/team but my heart will always be with that school. I feel like crying when I think I won't be running around with them shouting "Olay Gauchos!"

Social fails: A friend of mine from uni and I were thinking earlier of going up to our old uni for Halloween but now it turns out she will be too busy to make the trip. Which isn't my fault, or anyone's really, but it sucks that I won't be partying for Halloween this year. Which brings me to another point. I'm really bad at instantly making friends when tossed into a new environment. What makes it worse, is that the process is every harder when the new people have all already clumped into groups of friends. Which is basically what happened since other people supposedly can make friends out of classmates within like...a week. Now a bunch of them will be at Oktoberfest this weekend (basically like this drinking games Olympics) but I won't because I failed to secure a team of four people. Because, again, have kinda failed at making friends here. Especially a bummer since I love drinking games. Was always one of my fave parts of college house parties.

Actually this feels kinda like freshman year of uni: I know a few people but don't really have friends. I go home on the weekends a LOT. (There it was becasue I hated having a roommate - felt like someone was in my private space all the time - and becasue I felt a bit homesick at first. Here it's becasue my neighbors like to watch their tv early in the morning on the weekend. I do NOT appreciate being woken up by other people's tv at 8:30 am on a Saturday. Just. No.)

Again on a more positive note: REALLY EXCITED FOR yuletide! Can't wait to get my assignment! CAN'T WAIT to get my present in December!

Also more fandom yay: I find Vasili Lanovoy looks very attractive in a boyish, I-wanna-run-my-hand-through-his-hair sort of way here.

This is a pic of him as Anatole Kuragin in the old Soviet War and Peace miniseries/movie. I still contend that this was the only good casting for Anatole among all four of the movie/mini-series/show adaptations of War and Peace that I'm aware of. Looks wise, I mean. But also the way the part is scripted. Although...the U.K. version is scripted pretty well and they come close to a good casting looks wise but I think Lanovoy is the only one who really cuts it, I think. (And this boy wanted to play Andrei Bolkonski? Pffff, Vasya, have you looked in a mirror? You're completely the wrong type to play Bolkonski!)

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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2013-10-17 11:23 pm (UTC)
I almost wish I was a morning person. I feel like ~adult life will be a lot harder if I'm a night person. I'm just function so much better creatively (and in general, actually) at night. Unless I'm super tired but I'm actually the most tired in the afternoon/early evening usually (unless I sleep in REALLY late). The only thing is, I still like to go out and party and go crazy with friends when I have the chance and these are all mostly late evening/night activities. I feel like if I had a strict schedule that made me go to bed early so I could wake up early I wouldn't be able to really do that.
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[User Picture]From: evelyn_b
2013-10-20 09:17 pm (UTC)
That is a pretty perfect-looking Anatole, I must agree.

Is the Soviet miniseries any good in general? I have yet to watch any movie version of War and Peace because I am so horribly attached to everyone in it that I fear the ravages of miscasting / misadaptation more than usual.
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2013-10-20 09:38 pm (UTC)
It has it's drawbacks and it's strengths. it's an old movie so it has some of that dragginess. Some of the casting is off-putting (e.g. the actors for Pierre and Helene are WAY too old for the parts). It does follow canon fairly closely so there aren't too many problems with characterizations getting screwed up becasue the writers have taken artistic liberties (which is part of what plagues the 2007 miniseries). However, if you have an interest in more secondary characters they aren't features very prominently here. Also, the preachy voiceovers are also a preference thing, but if you liked the philosophy part of the book you might find them a good addition.
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