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random mostly fandom-y stuff [Oct. 21st, 2013|10:39 am]
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Looks like I'm missing festivids this year. Which is silly since I did noms, but it's probably for the best in the end. Vidding takes up a lot more solid time for me than writing. With a good, thought-out idea I can whip out a 1k fic in a night but even with a really detailed outline I don't think I've ever accomplished a vid in less then 2 nights (admittedly, mine are usually longer than the fest-minimum of 1 minute but still). It would also be over break and with yuletide/holidays/trying to de-stress after finals this may not be the best thing to commit to.

So, I don't really watch tv, in the regular sense, but I do often get involved with one tv show or another (btw, the new season of Sherlock needs to come out alreadyyyyyy). Usually, I don't watch them as they air, often times I just fall behind. So here's a list of stuff I'm planning of watching/getting caught up on watching in the near future. (Mostly putting this here for my own convenience, becasue I always forget, so...)

Show to catch up on/finish:
The New Normal
The Firm
Once Upon a Time (OMG I’m behind already)
Law and Order: SVU (this is an ongoing process)
Sleepy Hallow (maybe, probably on the backburner for now)

Shows to try out/start:
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Animorphs (because ~nostalgia)