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Downton Abbey nots - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Downton Abbey nots [Nov. 27th, 2013|10:59 pm]
[Tags|, ]

So, I finally got my act together and began watching “Downton Abbey.” I’m actually not sure what took me so long. I think initially I thought it was based on a book, but I think I had it confused with Northanger Abbey. But anyway…

-It’s kind of an interesting experience. I’m not huge on British culture/history/stuff. Most of the literature of centuries past that I’ve been exposed to has been Russian or French (with some British mixed in, but not much). Also, in the usual classics, and in most period drama movies too actually, if the focus is the aristocracy than the servants are all kinda…there, but also not. You don’t really notice them. Here the stories of the aristocrats and the servants are mixed and intertwined, etc. Also, there seems to be a greater mingling of aristocracy and upper-middle class members than you see in 19th c. (or earlier) lit. The effect is…interesting. On one hand, I love the exploration of lives of characters from different social classes. But. ALL THE CLASSISM/ELITISM! It kinda gets shoved in your face and you can’t avoid it. What’s worse, is that it seems some of the servants have internalized the social classism/elitism and it’s painful to watch. AND OMG ALL THE FEELING ABOUT HOW I HATE SNOBS.

-Mathew! While I would have loved a more attractive actor He is just wonderful. It’s also easier to sympathies with/relate to him then the rich Crawleys. Although, the Earl is a good man, that’s plain. But then again, he wasn’t exactly rich until Cora came along, from what I understand. (From what I understand Mathew will be with Mary later? How upsetting. He already (Ep 3) seems to really like her but for god’s sake I can’t understand why.)

-I think Mary is one of my least favorite characters right now. That’s all I’m gonna say on her account for now.

-Argh, Thomas is such a little twat. But at least there is the opportunity for a boy/boy couple somewhere along the way. Right? (From what I understand though, they haven’t taken that opportunity yet.)

-I think my favorite out of the sisters is Sybil.