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Downton Abbey notes through S2E7 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Downton Abbey notes through S2E7 [Dec. 1st, 2013|12:23 am]
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During breaks in studying for finals, I watch Downton. SPOILERS THROUGH S2E7.

-Still hate Mary. She’s not completely unsympathetic, especially as her character develops, but I still think she’s a bitch. It’s so frustrating that this entire show is set up to be a Mathew/Mary thing (and fandom, it looks like, is falling all over itself for them). I really like Mathew and I just…argh what does he see in her?! I mean she’s pretty sure, but seriously?

-No, looks aren’t everything, Violate, you toad. (I actually don’t dislike Violate lol. Actually find Isobel much more annoying.)

-I really, really wish there was more Mathew/Lavinia. I kinda hate how it looks like she’s just this rebound that he decided to marry just because why not. I know this is part of me just wanting him to get over Mary (yea, in my dreams, I know) but it does kind of make him seem like a bit of a jerk. If you don’t love her, don’t bloody marry her. *rolls eyes* And either way, I think, even if she is second best he could still care about her, they could still have a loving relationship. Maybe they do – she certainly seems to love him – but I wish we would see more of that.

-On Mathew sending her away – again, see, supposedly he does this cause of ~depression and stuff, but it just feels like a cheap excuse to get rid of her so he can continue making goo-goo eyes at Mary. I don’t want to dislike Mathew, he’s a favorite of mine on this show, but if things carry on in this manner…

-Anna and Bates are sweet. But OMG they never kiss. They hardly even ever touch. WTF? There really needs to be more touching in this show lol.

-All the war stuff was heartbreaking. BUT SO EXCITING :p

-Poor William :(

-Thomas is still a twat. I do like him being around to cause trouble but I want to slap him almost every episode. The whole thing was the blind soldier was very touching though. Seeing the softer, more vulnerable side of these sort of characters is always interesting.

-Edith. Argh. I don’t approve of everything she does – mainly the whole writing to the Turkish embassy, because that was over the top. But I understand and sympathize. Really, Mary brings these things on herself (not by having sex, I mean by being a bitch), so I don’t feel one bit sorry for her. I actually don’t understand while Edith is supposedly so undesirable. In my opinion, she’s prettier than Sybil and at least as pretty as Mary. She’s also less of a self-involved snob than Marry. God, I hope that girl catches a break soon.

-Sybil is definitely my favorite! I can’t tell if she’s just not that into Branson or if she’s just trying to be reasonable and keep him at arm’s length. I wouldn’t blame her either way, but it’s hard to tell. As for Tom…poor boy. But arghhh he’s pushing her! Not a great idea, usually.

-Even all my dislike of Mary doesn’t change the fact that Richard’s a creeper.