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Downton Abbey notes S2E7-S2 Finale - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Downton Abbey notes S2E7-S2 Finale [Dec. 1st, 2013|04:54 pm]
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-Sybil said yes to Tom :D (Although, again, the way she phrased it, feels like it’s not so much about him as just about getting away. He just sort of happens to be a good excuse. She loves the idea of Tom, not necessarily Tom himself.) But I do love this couple, I really do. And Tom is great!

-Robert has disappointed me. I don’t think he’s being fair to Cora, and making out with Jane is certainly not the answer to his problems. Actually, you know, he’s a freaking hypocrite. So Sybil is SO AWEFUL for wanting to be with Tom but his affair with the maid is ok. …Well, I guess he doesn’t think it’s ok but he still does it.

-So, Mathew is marrying Lavinia because he’s grateful to her. Sure, I appreciate how honorable he’s being. But, again, it feels like she’s this rebound. And Violet is right in that marriage (back then, at least) was pretty much for life. If she really doesn’t mean all that much to him, what’s the likelihood he won’t come to resent her? And even if it doesn’t go that far, it’s still not likely that it will make for a very happy marriage and that would be even more unfair to her. Of course there’s always the chance that he’ll come to love her. But all of this Mary business, dear God.
….and OMG he kissed marry and basically said he was marrying Lavinia because he felt he had to. And then she basically asks him to let her go if he doesn’t love her (I have a feeling like she saw them kiss, or at least dancing very closely together). And here is where I think his “honor” fails him. The HONORABLE thing to do, the DECENT thing to do, would take the blame and let her go. …I think I’ve lost a favorite character. I don’t think my opinion of Mathew can recover after this.

-Speaking of Mary. The war has obviously had an effect on Ethel. She’s “nicer” as Sybil says. I like Ethel almost as much as Sybil now. Mary on the other hand, has remained the same bitch she was before.

-Poor Thomas. He’s a twat, but I’ve grown attached and to have things fall through on him like that :( I guess I just admire people who take business risks; I know I could never put myself out like that. Really wanted to give him a hug (…although I feel like Thomas is not a hug person lol).

-I really do hate that they killed Lavinia. I would have rather seen her leave, then seen her later totally over Mathew and with someone else.

-So Mathew feels bad now. Well, good. I do think he’s being horribly silly though; after all the thing that was standing in his way is gone so why not just give in. *facepalm*

-And aw, good for you, Robert. I’m glad he came around, at least for Sybil.

-Oh God, poor Anna. And Bates too, of course. What I don’t understand is how in the world did they get all those details about the conversations and everything and who heard what. Also, that whole trial is bogus, all the evidence is circumstantial. *rolls eyes*

-Really, Mary, must you judge everyone else’s relationship. You’re not exactly great at them either.

-Well, everyone saw that coming *rolls eyes at finale*