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Downton Abbey notes through S3 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Downton Abbey notes through S3 [Dec. 6th, 2013|07:04 pm]
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Well, at least I managed to get through Season 3 before going into full-on hibernation. Just some more IMO thoughts and observations, etc.

-Oh Mathew you are too principled for your own good.

-The whole thing about tails v dinner jackets...it's like...I can't even see the difference. Not really. It's so petty. Seriously.

-Love Cora's mother :D I mean, yes, certainly American loyalties and all, but seriously one of the things I dislike about Britain culturally is their dedication to stuffiness. Cora's mother blows that out of the water. Sure, she is set up to be a bit caricature-ish (almost vulgar at first, given the British POV) but when you take the POV filter off, it's always like "you tell 'em girl!"

-Argh, see Thomas what being a twat gets you. Now you've turned the only person who potentially cared about you, or at least was your ally, against you.

-No, Mary, refusing to move out of Downton into a smaller estate doesn't make you British. It makes you a stuck up bitch. (I mean, sure, I can see not wanting to move from where you grew up, but not for the reasons she lists.)

-I LOVE how Cora takes charge and saves the day. Exactly by improvisation and NOT doing things the way they are always done. The funny thing is I think the guests enjoyed it the stuffy part of the Crawley family just couldn't see it.

-Anthony, I admire your...attempts at self-sacrifice but I also want to slap you.

-To all the people who made certain that Anthony doubted himself - don't you think Edith is capable to think for herself?!

-Poor Edith. Why does all the shit happen to Edith? Seriously, wtf?

-I see why they're mad at Tom for leaving Sybil. But it looks like they made these decisions together. His political views are more sympathetic than Robert's. IMO.

-Yay, go Edith! (I'm talking about the newspaper article.)

-I'm so glad Sybil is happy with Tom <3

-Jimmy's a bit of a prude, isn't he. Thomas hadn't even done anything much. I mean what the hell does "he's always so familiar" even mean. Maybe a little overly nice...but then, that's only because we know the usual Thomas.

-My God... Why did they have to kill Sybil of all the characters. I don't even... :-(

-"I don't know why I'm crying, really. She wouldn't notice  if I died."
"You don't really mean that."
"...No, I don't."
Yea...I cried.

-Aw, Cora. I totally understand, but it's really not Robert's fault. He couldn't have known. No one could have.

-Really, Robert, as much sympathy as I have for you because you lost your daughter, you're disappointing me more and more. Really even MARY is making concessions.

-Ok, the whole sneaking into Jimmy's room would be creepy either way. But man, that was awful. Poor Thomas.

-Wow. Carson sticking up for Thomas. That's something. And damn but Jimmy's a dick.

-God poor Thomas. If it was anything else but seeing the guy being prosecuted for being gay is just putting me more on his side. I know, know, he's been a twat. But lately, somehow, he's seemed to mellow out a bit. And just...IDK. It's a love/hate thing, I guess.

-Looks like Tom in settling into being an upper-class cake-eater quite nicely. lol.

-Finally someone calls Mary out on being a snob.

-Aww! Thomas saving Jimmy! The conversation they have later! So cute <3 It's really no fair that Jimmy can't be bi or something. I mean, come on, we totally need same-sex couple on this show! Break all the expectations!

-"Because my version is the real one." No, Mathew, your version is the rose-colored one you see through your want-your-vagina-now glasses.

-Really? What was the need to kill Mathew? Why must they kill all the good characters? Agh. So much rather they'd gotten rid of Mary. Seriously.