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Starting the year with Sherlock <3 (Spoilers for S3) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Starting the year with Sherlock <3 (Spoilers for S3) [Jan. 2nd, 2014|05:45 am]
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Happy New Year everyone!



Um. Yea. So, a very nice episode. A little less Sherlock-plot that usual, but that's because they needed to get through re-establishing everyone and getting Sherlock back etc. Very emotional, and in that aspect, the episode is wonderful.

First thing's first: Mycroft <3

Anderson is the founder of Sherlock's fanclub? Wait wtf? And, oh man, John grew a mustache but Anderson has changed that I didn't even recognize him on first watch.

"So soon after Sherlock?"
"What's his name?"
"It's a woman."
"A woman?"
"Oh course it's a woman."
"You really have moved on."
"Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock was not my boyfriend."
Lol John, you're so funny. So good at self deniel.

"What life? I've been away." <3

Aww Lestrade gives Sherlock a hug.

"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes." Of course not, John. You keep telling youself that.

Lol the Moriarty/Sherlock shippers got thrown a bone.

I actually almost like Mary...I mean, I like MARY I just dislike the idea of her (ie: John being in a steady relationship with someone not Sherlock :p)

"I thought you might have gotten yourself a goldfish." And his name is Greg Lestrade :p :)

Loved their little deductions game. But it ends in a bit of a heart-wrench. "I'm not lonely, Sherlock." "How would you know?" It's interesting how they both have walls but how different those walls are. Sherlock hid behind asocial behavior, antipathy and rudeness. Mycroft puts on airs of courtesy and formality. They're both snobs really. The difference at this point is that John has broken those walls down for Sherlock but Mycroft doesn't have a John. (Which, btw, he needs to get one :)).

Poor Molly :(

So...is that pretty boy supposed to be Moran? As in Sebastian Moran? (Also, I admit to not realizing the accent was supposed to be on the "a" not the "o" there. Gonna have to get used to pronouncing it in my head that way...) But still, really? A politician and a pretty boy? That's new. Well, he's arrested now anyway :)

So Anderson finally has a first name - Phillip.

Looks like we can't be sure if what Sherlock told Anderson was reliable. BUT I see no reason for him to lie about all the prep stuff (ei: thirteen possible scenarios, etc.) SO. Looks like THEY DID PLAN IT ALL FROM THE START. Moriarty WAS playing right into their hands! OMG for some reason this makes me SO happy :D

A certain person on another site pointed out that there was no concrete mention of Moriarty not somehow surviving. Well, I suppose. I guess the writers thought this to be redundant, especially since the end of S2 was pretty clear, the writers/directors as good as said that Moriarty is dead, and in these two years Sherlock has managed to take down Moriarty's network, which I doubt would have been accomplished quite so efficiently had Moriarty somehow survived. But well, an undeniable canon affirmative would have been nice, just to put a nail in that coffin for good.

The scene in the train car! Everything about it! OMG! <3 Oh my boys - how I love them and how I've missed them <3