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2013 Fanfic Year Wrap-Up meme - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2013 Fanfic Year Wrap-Up meme [Jan. 6th, 2014|10:32 am]

Number of Fics: 32
Number of Unique Fandoms: 9 (HP, W&P, MD, OUaT, EO, Sherlock, Suits, Borgias, Jolene)
Number of Unique Parings: 23 (Repeat parings - Dolokhov/Anatole [3], Charlie/Adam [2]) *
Total Number of Words: 110,906 (English – 109,157 , Russian – 1,749)
*Only counting paring which were primarily featured as a focus of the story. Often times parings would hover in the background but weren't counted.

# Gen: 8
# Het: 10
# Slash: 15
# Fem: 2
*Some stories fall into more than one cat.

# PG: 20
# PG-13: 10
# R: 1
# NC-17: 1

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?
I wrote a bit less than last year, but I think I still wrote more or less as much as I had hoped to, especially since I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have to write once I started law school.

Where did you publish/archive your stories?
LJ, AO3, FFN, Diary.ru, DW…all over the place really, with LJ and AO3 being the main ones.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
Yuletide is always a surprise for fandom, although this year the only new one for me was Jolene (song). Although, I suppose I could have predicted writing a song fandom.  Character wise…hm, I guess I never thought I’d give Neville a go. Or Umbridge. Genre wise: Voldemort!wins AU isn’t something I thought I’d write.

Did you take any writing risks this year?
Every time I write in Russian, it’s a risk :) I wrote an long incest fic, which, I don’t exactly consider a risk, but it’s definitely not something I’d consider to be generally in my interest/comfort zone.

Do you have any writing goals for the new year?
Not exactly. I just really hope that I can keep writing (time wise) and that I can find interesting things to write about (basically, avoiding burn-out, especially in HP). Also – I’m considering doing a Dolokhov/Sonya post-war fic for this year’s Het BigBang, so maybe that.

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
I actually have a hard time choosing. Гроза – because OTP and I’m always proud of things that come out well in Russian. Substitutes – because I think it’s a great sample of some of my better writing. We Don’t Have To Talk About It – because, again, I like the writing and I think I was able to finally get a lot out about the paring/characters that’s been in my head ever since I started shipping Chadam (ie: for years).

Okay, NOW your most popular story?
Not sure, I’m too lazy to go and actually take counts etc. But, an educated guess says, almost surprisingly, What He Wants.

Story of yours most underappreciated by the universe, in your opinion?
Ides of March. Maybe because it feels a bit more like a part of a series than a finished stand-alone story – which I admit is one of its failings – but I think it’s been largely unnoticed, and largely unfairly :p

Story that could have been better?
A certain fest fic, which I can’t name at the moment. Disproportionate amount of exposition, I think, is its main issue and it’s not quite the story I meant to write. Of the ones I can name, You and Me and How It Ends. I wanted to put more into that story, I probably should have put more into it. In the end, I’m not too upset about how it turned out but…

Most fun story to write?
Years After. It’s not a particularly happy story but I was totally drawn in while I was writing it.

Story with single sweetest moment?
Amazing, nothing specifically stands out in my mind. Maybe because most of the “sweet” moments are always overlaid by so much angst that there’s nothing that is 100% fluff.

The story that made you cry?
You and Me and How it Ends. Easily.

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story?
Ehh…I can’t say I have quite as strong of a reaction to it myself but incest is certainly still very new territory for me. So Things That Shan’t Be I suppose.

Sexiest story?
In the Endless Days of Youth has the highest rating, but I think I like The Morning After for this category more.

Hardest story to write
Over Coffee. This was for a fic exchange and the recipient mostly wanted characters I did not offer so…in my attempts to write a character I wasn’t sure how to write and had never written before I produced an average story which took up a disproportional amount of effort.

Easiest story to write?
Several of the stories wrote themselves. I can’t pick one…

Most unintentionally telling story
I don’t think anything is super revealing this year. Although, the constant making characters into lawyers (who weren’t lawyers in canon) probably points to my slight obsession about legal stuff and my law student status.

Story you haven't yet written, but intend to
The expanded and extended version of Years After. (Although, intend feels a bit too definite.)