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January Talking Meme: 3 Fics I Wish Existed - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January Talking Meme: 3 Fics I Wish Existed [Jan. 18th, 2014|09:15 pm]
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As part of the January Talking Meme.
Topic given by lokifan – what 3 fics I want to exist.

I mean honestly, there are way more than three, given that my biggest fandom love is a microscopic fandom so there is barely any fic in it. My OTP is also in that fandom so… So basically, these are three fics that I want to exist that are the most sharp in my mind at this particular moment but that doesn’t mean I don’t want other fics to exist or that I won’t wake up tomorrow and want some other fic to exist even more lol.

ATM I just really want a post-S2 Sherlock fic in which Sherlock and Mycroft kick some ass and take down Moriarty’s organization and them both being baddass and taking down criminals and Moran ending up dead somewhere along the way. And for brotherly interaction and for Sherlock to FINALL OMG admit how much Mycroft matters to him…maybe even some hurt/comfort. And for there to be Mystrade throughout and at the end. And for there to be a happy Johnlock ending once Sherlock returns (even if that means going AU and pretending that John didn’t get together with Marry in the interim). (Oh and none of that S3 finale BS with Moriarty being alive. Nope, he’s dead, thanks.)

I want a Dolokhov/Sonya post-war fic. Dolokhov is retired from the army and has a young son (from Helene with whom he’d had an ongoing affair). He’s got some PTSD related problems but mostly he’s getting by ok, although his world revolves primarily about the boy whom Helene had named after Anatole before she died. Sonya is disillusioned with…life more or less. Nikolai has left/betrayed her, Natasha has betrayed her…somewhere deep inside she realizes that her position is humiliating but to admit that would be too emotionally damaging so she goes on playing the selfless orphan-companion-relative type. She runs into Dolokhov (and his son) at a war memorial in Petersburg and from then on everything changes. By one circumstances or another they start seeing more and more of each other and slowly she realizes that maybe she was wrong to turn him down back in ’06. She starts to fall for him. Dolokhov had really had a thing for her then and wanted to marry her. Now, she certainly strikes a chord but he kinda…well, no means no, and he’s got other things to focus on. They come together slowly, maybe a bit painfully with a lot of history standing in away. There’s a happy ending where they end up together and Sonya sort of “adopts” little Anatole. (They also have two more children later, but that’s all epilogue-type detail.)

Pretty much anything Dolokhov/Anatole which is of epic emotional proportions but I guess my most desired thing would be to have something that showcases their relationship as complicated but inevitably meant to be with lots of mind!fuck and hurting each other and fighting and making up against and cuddling, kissing, worrying about each other’s safety. Something with a fix-it type ending where Dolokhov finds Anatole after Borodino and takes him to safety and for there to be a ton of hurt/comfort and love confessions and then Anatole ends up not dying and they go off to…IDK Italy or whatever and live happily ever after. Yea, something like that.