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Dear Shipswap Author Letter - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dear Shipswap Author Letter [Jan. 31st, 2014|11:54 pm]
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Dear Shipswap Author,
Thank you for writing for me! These parings are near and dear to my heart and I’m very excited that someone will write me a story with one of them.  Optional details are optional, but I suppose you’ve come here looking for some more information, so here’s a quick rundown.



Likes: slash, het (and gen but this is a paring fest so…I’d rather have paring, please), love-triangles, all ratings up to R, romantic/emotional aspects of relationships.
Dislikes: threesomes, polyamory, incest (unless asked for specifically), cross-gen (unless specifically stated otherwise), pedophilia, characters under 16 involved in sexual situations/relationships, PWPs, BDSM and heavy kink (scat, watersports, bloodplay, necro, etc), non-con/rape, MPreg, cross-dressing, genderbending/genderswap, bestiality.

Genres/Themes (and such):
Likes: angst, hurt/comfort (mainly of the m/m variety), fluff, cuddling/snuggling, adorable!fic, dark!fic, banter, well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/motives, relationships built on friendship or at least something other than lust (although lust can be present too)
Dislikes: crack!fic/parody, radical AUs that subvert the universe (genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc), crossovers (unless specifically asked for), intentional OOCness, character bashing


Harry Potter
Antonin Dolohov/Pansy Parkinson
Yea…. The age difference is a little daunting, therefore, I do ask that Tony is no older than 45 here. I’m not really looking for this to be a Lolita thing or anything lol, but I do feel like it could be such glorious UST. I kinda prefer UST with this one, though a resolution would be cool too. I kinda see Pansy as being fascinated with Dolohov as an older man and someone who has a lot of authority in the Dark Lord’s ranks. I also would be interested in seeing this from Tony’s POV though, how does he feel about Pansy? Is this more platonic/psudo-romantic where he is all protective of her as a young girl or is it a guilty pleasure sort of attraction to this lovely young woman. I love a strong Pansy, but she’s still very young and I think that will have an impact.

Evan Rosier/Severus Snape
This is my HP slash OTP <3 I love the angst potential here. I wouldn’t mind fluff either, though, if you want. I would love to see these two during the First War, perhaps a progression of their relationship. I would seriously like this to be mutual. You don’t have to ignore canon/Lily, I’m all for Severus/Lily, but once she’s out of the picture, I would love to see Sev having a fulfilling relationship with Evan. Oh, yes, hurt/comfort is your friend :D That being said, how does Sev’s betrayal fit into this? How does that effect him emotionally – knowing you’re betraying your friends and your lover? Does Evan have suspicions? And if he does but can’t bring himself to tell/confront Sev – oh the glorious angst! Lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sev’s reaction to Evan’s death.

Scorpius Malfoy/ Louis Weasley
These two! I can see lots of angst for them with Scorpius being a Malfoy and Louis being a Weasley but fluff is also wonderful. I can definitely see them fighting against lots of disapproval from their families and perhaps this causing issues in their relationship. They’re also from rather different backgrounds, so I can see that causing problems as well. Not terribly picky about Louis’ house but personal preference says Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Please, let Scorpius be a Slytherin, though. I definitely have a soft spot for mush and h/c with these two. I also have a squick for poor!Malfoys or outcast!Malfoys or bullied!Scorpius, etc along those lines and I’d appreciate it if you avoided that trope. Otherwise, just about anything goes.

Remus Lupin/Evan Rosier
My interest in this paring is pretty new. I think what I like the most about it is the possibilities and impossibilities that it presents. Different houses, backgrounds, ideologies etc and to see how that can work together would be wonderful. I suppose it would start as an accident of some sort or perhaps a bet or a set up or something and then evolve into something more. I think both of them are too dedicated to their respective causes to ever switch sides which, I suppose, would preclude a happy ending but I think that's the beauty of this paring - it can be so deliciously psychologically messed up and complicated. It's all about war and hate and desire. It helps that I really like both of these characters.

Once Upon a Time
Killian Jones/Baelfire
Ok, so I think canonically Bae is like 14 when he goes to Neverland? (Although not 100 percent sure) That’s a bit young, so go ahead and age him up to like 16 or something. On the other hand, you could write him as “Neal” (ie: when he’s in his 20s). Primarily, what I like about the Hook/Bae relationship when Bae is still a teen is the offset in the power dynamic created by the age difference. I would love some UST between them during that time, maybe some unrequited (on the surface) feelings from Bae’s end and Killian being all protective of him. On the other hand I would love some intense UST with resolution after they meet again when Bae is all grown up. I’d totally squee if Killian refuses to call him “Neal” rather than Bae and them working out their “issues.” You don’t have to completely ignore what Emma had canonically with either man, but I’m not interested in her, so just…leave her out. I don’t even need a whole long explanation of why she’s out of the picture, after all, people move on. Honestly, I think I just want fluff and/or hurt/comfort and/or angst. I want protective!Killian and adorable!Bae. Yea, something like that.

Killian Jones/Prince Charming
God, this show’s “true love” theme makes it so hard to slash people who are already in relationships. Especially since I like Mary Margaret. But anyway! Would love-love a fic set in Neverland. Charming and his wife are estranged/fighting, everything is desperate, etc – perfect angst setting! I’m not 100 percent sure what I’m looking for. UST I guess. Love/hate sort of dynamic like “I hate you but I’m kinda super into you as well.” HURT/COMFORT would just completely make my day, especially given the perfect canon set-up with the Nightshade and everything.

Harvey Specter/Dana Scott
I love how sexy this paring was in season 1. I would especially love a pre-canon timeframe, perhaps their years at Harvard or afterwards. There is definitely a sort of fuck-buddies type of dynamic going on there and I kinda would be interested in seeing how this effects them after Harvard. This sort of arrangement seems like the perfect thing for college but I feel like the "real world" would come into conflict with it more or less. I'm not against genuine feelings between them, in fact I’m totally looking for that, I just don't want it to be so very one-sided as it was in season 2. If anything, I would rather see it from the perspective of Harvey's vulnerability and feelings. (And, for God’s sake, if someone has to win a case or something, let it be Scottie for once!)

Mike Ross/Trevor Evans
Not to break the fandom slash OTP or anything…I love Harvey/Mike and all that but I kinda want to take the opportunity to see something different here :) And, ok, there’s no denying that Trevor is a bad influence and being a dealer (supplier? I couldn’t really figure out which one he was…) is worse than taking the LSATs for people (all though those of us who had to go through those may feel differently lol) but I’d ask you to please refrain from character bashing. Anyway, there was something about the way Mike keeps letting Trevor talk him into stuff, something about how he says that whole thing about “Mike gets screwed over because Trevor didn’t know something again” (don’t remember the exact quote…). I just see so much potential for angst! :D I’m just rambling and not being helpful right? Anyway, you can go the lighthearted rout and write about their “adventures” (misadventures?) together pre-canon or make it more emotionally complicated: love and jealousy and betrayal and angst ;D *ahem* Anyway yea…something along those lines… But um, when in doubt, hurt/comfort is your friend. Always :)

Downton Abbey
Thomas Barrow/Philip, Duke of Crowborough
I really wish we got a bit more of these two; they’re just so easy on the eyes :) I would really love to see what happens before the whole debacle at Downton, like the summer fling they had and maybe any letters they might have written to each other afterwards. There’s so much for tension here – the “forbidden” nature of their relationship, the class difference and thus skewed power dynamics. The one thing that I would really-really like is for there to be genuine feelings; even if it’s a short-lived romance I’d love to see some real angst and being in love going on here. Especially from Thomas’s end since we mostly see him as someone who is pretty closed off to feelings.