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an update of sorts [Feb. 12th, 2014|01:06 am]
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I've been sick on top of the bad luck streak I seem to be having this semester. I don't even...argh. Looking for a job is so stressful and I absolutely hate the process. It also means that I have to constantly think about what I will be doing this summer, ie: working instead of relaxing and going to Russia. Also, every time an employer says they want a cover letter I want to punch them in the face. Cover letters are evil.

Well, I have 3 interviews tomorrow so better get my shit together, I guess.

Been watching the Olympics a bit. Yay Germany is pairs figure skating. I would have loved an upset by them (for several reasons) but that's really not gonna happen. Aside from our Ice Dancers, we seem to be very short on very good figure skaters. I feel like we had a lot more of those in stock before. (Too bad Evan's been hurt, poor guy. But why did Johnny leave? He wasn't bringing in the gold, I suppose, but I still LOVED watching him skate. ALSO  SPEAKING OF JOHNNY! I just found out he married a LAWYER named Victor Voronov -- yes, he's Russian. Somehow this makes me happy in a weird...sort of way. I'm sure real Johnny fans already know all this since it IS pretty old news but, yes, whatever.)

I've also watched a few episodes of Reign. It's no where near as good as The Tudors or The Borgias and I'm not even bringing up Game of Thrones. I think it has sucked me in enough to where I MIGHT continue watching it since I'm already half way through season 13 of Law and Order: SVU (which, btw, is not the same without Elliot even though I like the new detectives more than I expected to) and none of my other regular shows start up again until the end of February anyway. (I tried watching Damages but was barely made it through the pilot so basically dropped it. Can't believe some people think it's better than Suits. Or The Frim, btw. Let's cancel Damages and bring back The Firm instead, I'd be up for that.) But yea, it's just so....sappy? I don't know. it's not a soap opera but it's like...I mean Once Upon a Time may be super heteronormative which like obnoxious cliches all over the place but it has PLOT and lots of cool backstory and like...there are totally things that make up for the somewhat iffy parts. Reign feels pretty insipid and mushy and like...not as bad as Twilight but the main romance is worse than early Cesare/Lucrezia (Borgias). Now that I think about it it's kinda like a blend of all the cliche things in Mathew/Mary (Downton) and Cesare/Lucrezia.

Also, tragically small opportunities for slash. I'll watch a meh show for possible cuteness or UST or just shipping potential but this one disappointing on those grounds. I though maybe something to come but a check of fandom says nope. Or at least no one's seeing it. (Maybe it's a similar effect to what's going on with Snow White and the Huntsman - obvious paring there but the fandom's not biting, although SWatH hardly has a fandom, while Reign does, even if a small one.) I was thinking Francis/Sebastian...actually the more I think about it, the more it grows on me, but the incest kinda puts a damper on the whole thing. I've certainly loosened my attitudes toward it but...not 100% or anything.

Anyway, I'm sorry, I've just been feeling terribly bitchy lately. I hope everyone's doing alright.