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Olympic Ladies' Figure Skating - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Olympic Ladies' Figure Skating [Feb. 20th, 2014|11:50 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |disappointed]

Just finished watching the free skate for the ladies' Olympic figure skating. Absolutely heartbroken.

Kim deserved to win. Just my opinion, of course, I'm no expert, I'm just a viewer. But that score felt inflated. And maybe, just maybe, when you pick it all apart, even if it was inflated less Sotnikova might have pulled ahead. Maybe. Because, again, I don't really know much about the technical side of figure skating. But this feels terribly unjust, honestly.

As someone who does ballroom dance competitively, I am very aware of how important technical scores are, how important it is to have a clean program and then, once you start going up the levels, a technically complex/difficult one. I understand that judging just technique makes it all feel more objective. At the end of the day, all the glitter and make up and costumes and pretty music doesn't make or break a performance. You can't win on "pretty". (And that's why I understand Kostner being in 3rd.) BUT figure skating, like dance, is still an ARTISTIC sport. I feel like lately that has been neglected - maybe it's the new scoring system. If performance wasn't part of figure skating, the athletes would just do a bunch of elements in front of a judging panel, mush like they do in gymnastics.

Sotnikova's program may have had great athletics but it had no heart. Yuna Kim was the entire package. She should have won.

Other comments:
Gracie! I loooove her! She may not be there yet and that fall was nasty but I really hope she hasn't peaked yet and we'll see her again with an even better, improved performance.
Who would have though Lipnitskaia would fall. TWICE. Honestly, after the team match, my thoughts were seriously: Gracie's got this! If Lipnitskaia just makes a big mistake, if she falls, the door will be wide open. She did fall. Didn't really help Gracie, but wow, this feels like lightning striking twice. I actually kind of feel bad for her, because HER skating really IS spectacular and rather expressive as well.
Wagner redeemed herself in my eyes with that free skate. I still think she was overrated all along, but she was really strong out there tonight.
Kostner was beautiful. A very well deserved third place.