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Dear Rarewomen Author Letter - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dear Rarewomen Author Letter [Feb. 23rd, 2014|02:41 am]
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Dear Rarewomen Author,
Thank you for writing for me. I want to say first that I don’t have many favorite female characters but the ones I do like are dear to me and I’m just super excited at the prospect of seeing fic with them!


Likes: het, gen (technically slash too, so background/secondary paring slash is always welcome!), love-triangles, all ratings up to R, romantic/emotional aspects of relationships, feminine women
Dislikes: femslash for main paring (unless asked for specifically; background fem is just fine), threesomes, polyamory, incest (unless asked for specifically), parings with large age disparity (over 10 yrs) unless specifically stated otherwise, pedophilia, characters under 16 involved in sexual situations/relationships, PWPs, BDSM and heavy kink (scat, watersports, bloodplay, necro, etc), non-com/rape, MPreg, cross-dressing, genderbending/genderswap, bestiality.

Genres/Themes (and such):
Likes: angst, fluff, happy!fic, dark!fic, family!fic, brother/sister relationships, romance, banter, well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/motives
Dislikes: crack!fic/parody, radical AUs that subvert the universe (genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc), crossovers, intentional OOCness, character bashing, humiliation/pervasive revenge themes, glorification of bullying

Harry Potter
Gabrielle Delacour. I ship post-war Gabrielle/Ron and/or Gabrielle/Draco and/or Gabrielle/OMC if you'd like. I wonder about how it was for Gabrielle to have such an outstanding sister, what achievements of her own did she have, or maybe she didn’t and how that would effect her. If shipped with Ron I would love to see them overcoming some similar issues like family insecurities and inferiority complexes. If shipped with Draco…I don’t have anything specific in mind at all, honestly. Lol, they just look good together in my head, I guess. But maybe something romantic, courtship, maybe a French setting… Also, please don’t write out the French accent phonetically like it was done in the book. I find it kind of distracting.

Alecto Carrow. I think Alecto could be an interesting character to explore if you're like me and you enjoy fleshing out Death Eaters and other antagonists whom JKR decided to leave as cardboard cut-outs. My preference would be on a First War setting but Second War works well too. I'd rather not have the story dwell too graphically on torture and such, although I'm not asking anyone to subvert canon here. A character study would be interesting - why does Alecto do what she does? How did she become a DE? What is her place in the hierarchy? (Supposedly not quite rank and file but not as high up as, say, Bella) She and Bella are the only two known DE women, I believe, so how does that work out? What is her relationship with her brother? Is she married, have kids? Lots of room for exploration here! (If I was to express a paring preference: Alecto/Antonin, but you can just ignore that completely if you like :) )

War and Peace
Helene Kuragin. I’m constantly on the fence about Helene. She is so manipulative and ruthless at times but there’s so much strength in there too and she’s so fascinating that it’s hard to just ignore her. She’s gorgeous, she knows how to get what she wants in a society ruled by men and it seems to me like she’s very close to her father and her younger brother (Anatole). I kind of feel like a lot of her manipulation is a passive-aggressive response to social pressure and expectations. And Pierre was just an awful choice and she, sadly, realized just how awful. Dolokhov/Helene are a HUGE LOVE of mine. They’re great on a whole spectrum of genres and themes. A pre-book teenage romance, their affair after Helene’s marriage, an exploration of the class issues standing between them… I think they can range anywhere from sweet and beautiful, if hopeless, romance to something dark, passionate, complicated and possibly selfish. I think with them I would love to see a “mature” relationship. I think they’re both characters that put up with a lot. On a more scandalous note the Anatole/Helene paring is about the only incest paring I ship. It’s just hinted at in canon and it’s just a rumor, but these two have massive chemistry. (I blame the 2007 miniseries for this honestly.) Just please, don’t normalize it, incest isn’t really a normative behavior nor should it be. But I would love to see this very close brother-sister relationship with a sexual tension (unresolved or not) layer and how this effects them and their lives. I see this as a darker, more angsty fic but you can take it wherever it takes you, so to speak. Honestly, though, I would love anything with Helene and Anatole and maybe the rest of the Kuragins. Gen works just as well here.

Sonya Rostov. I’m not sure what prompt to give you but let me just say that I love her and I’m sure I would be pleased with just about anything you write centered on her. (Although…I don’t like Natasha so maybe…something with less Natasha rather than more would be nice.) She is a character I relate to a lot and is probably my favorite female character in lit (or, like, anywhere). I love her ability to sacrifice her happiness for that of others and I love how she is still a strong woman in her own way without being a feminist at all. It's an inner sort of strength that isn't always obvious at first sight. Dolokhov/Sonya is a het OTP of mine. I really think they could both have a happy ending. I wouldn’t mind an AU where Sonya accepts his proposal or at some point realizes Nikolai isn’t worth waiting for or something. I would even more love a post-war fic because then Nikolai is married and Sonya has no ties to him anymore. (I think this is important because I somehow feel it would have diminished Sonya in Dolokhov’s eyes had she “jumped” men at the time that he proposed.) I would love-love-love for them to have a happy ending together. I think this could be such a sweet pairing! However, I would also enjoy a Pierre/Sonya paring. As strange as that might sound, I think Sonya is a better match for Pierre than Natasha anyways. A canon Nikolai/Sonya paring is fine too. Ooooh, maybe an affair during Nikolai’s marriage once he’s realized he made a mistake leaving Sonya ;)

Lise Bolkonski (nee Meinen). Poor Lise. No, really, Bolkonski is such an ass to her for like no reason. I don’t think she was happy in this marriage as much as she wanted for it to work. I don’t want a Lise who is so in love with Bolkonski that she is blind to his faults and to how horrible he is to her as I don’t think she was in canon and that’s part of why she was so unhappy. I think an angsty exploration of their marriage would be interesting. I, actually, ship Lise with Hippolyte Kuragin. I kind of see this as a pre-marriage romance of Lise’s. Maybe she can compare the two men, maybe it’s a love triangle! (I’m not Bolkonski’s greatest fan in case you weren’t sure.) IDK, maybe Lise’s musings on being pregnant or something for gen?

Vera Rostov. Her parents’ least favorite child… HOW DO YOU EVEN HAVE A LEAST FAVORITE CHILD? Vera seems the more practical and reserved of the Rostov children and I would definitely be interested in seeing an exploration of that. How does it feel to have a younger sister who is the silliest, most foolish thing ever but who manages to gobble up all the attention anyways? If you would like to ship her canonicaly with Berg, then I would like to see how Vera’s life turned out since we don’t see her in the epilogue. But the paring I would especially like to see if you would like to write it, is Dolokhov/Vera. They just somehow fit, I guess. No prompt here whatsoever so whatever takes your fancy.

Dana Scott. I really like Dana. I was kind of mad that the show kept making “sacrifices” of her competence as a lawyer in order to make sure Harvey remains unbeatable. On that note, I would actually love to see Dana beat Harvey on a case for once. On the other hand, I love Harvey/Dana and would love anything with that paring, either during canon, post-canon or pre-canon during their Harvard days. I really want Harvey to be in love with her, because it doesn’t show much on the show even though they seem to keep insisting that he does have feelings for her. Alternatively, I think a Dana/Stephen paring would be fun or even a Dana/Donna paring! Basically, smart, sexy lawyer girls = win.

Downton Abbey
Edith Crawley. Edith gets the short end of the stick, so to speak, way too often. I felt really bad for her even in the very beginning because with Mary as a sister, well… It’s hard to fight a bitch without being one. (Mary is really extra horrible to her.) I would love mostly anything with Edith where she gets to be number one for once. But I think I would especially love a fic where Michael comes back and where they are happy together and in love. Maybe they even get their baby back somehow? Alternatively, some sister-bonding with Sybill would be fun. Something where Edith actually beats Mary at…I don’t know anything even remotely significant would be great.

Once Upon a Time
Milah. What if Milah had taken Bae with her when she ran away with Hook instead of leaving him behind? I would love to see some family bonding between these three. I would also love just about any Hook/Milah story: falling in love, crazy adventures, etc. What did they see in each other? What were the strains in this relationship and how were they resolved? What did they do for fun/to relax? Common interests? Pretty much I just want to see my fave OUaT male character with the girl he, apparently, loved.

[User Picture]From: evelyn_b
2014-03-04 05:48 am (UTC)

your War and Peace prompts are the best thing

I can't even tell you how much I want there to be a whole extra novel all about Vera and for Helene to passive-aggressively manipulate her way out of death's own clutches.

Lise / Hippolyte 4 EVER; at least they would have had some fun together >:(
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2014-03-04 07:31 am (UTC)

Re: your War and Peace prompts are the best thing

Haha I think we should re-write War and Peace! I love Helene. There just seems to be entire layer there to her that is never really shown. Vera is also an interesting character. I feel like she was damaged by her own family. Lise/Hippolyte is something I ship pretty randomly. I think I just really want someone other than Bolkonski to ship her with and I suppose it could be Anatole but Hippolyte fits somewhat better canonically because of a few mentions of his attraction to her and their little flirting scene at the beginning.

BTW are you taking part in rarewomen? (There's still time to sign up too I think.)
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