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tv show stuff [Mar. 10th, 2014|12:45 am]
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Some of my fave shows have returned! Which also means that SVU is on hold right now because I do have RL stuff to get to and actual fandom responsibilities. (Like writing fic *cough*.)

The Americans - returned on my birthday! We've had 2 eps now. New season is kicken'! My main comment, though, is that I love the Russian on this show. There's a good deal of it (especially when the Russians are talking among themselves at the Soviet embassy) and I can trust it enough to not read the subtitles. This is pretty awesome, since so often foreign languages (esp. Russian in non-Russian shows) get mangled either by weird phrasing that no one uses or by horrible accents. Here is accents are actually very slight for some of the actors (although the musicality, so to speak, limps pretty badly. Mainly there's something about how Russian intonation goes down at the end - especially with questions - and English, at least U.S. - intonation goes up. My brother has this problem too). The phrasing sometimes has an artificial sounding slip to it, but mostly it's pretty well thought out and written. Whoever they hired to work/translate that part of the script had a good amount of contact with Russia and Russians I fee like.

On another Russian-language-in-tv-shows note, there have been a few instances of Russian on New Girl as well and the quality there is also pretty high.

Suits is continuing on with the 3rd season (and it's been renewed for a 4th). Loved seeing Scottie and Harvey/Scottie. I hope to see a lot more of her and I hope people come to appreciate her more ;) I think there will be another 6 episodes. I think Mike/Rachel annoys me a little less now...but only a liiiite. And I think that's mostly due to the fact that there are Harvey/Scottie things to focus on. And Lol Louis things. But ohhh I like how suspenseful the whole Louis-kinda-knows thing is :D

Once Upon a Time also re-started tonight. That show is my guilty pleasure. It's a reaaaalllly corny show but YAY LOTS OF HOOK <3 I have to say that I don't even mind the fact that the acting is a bit flat and the corny-ness of the script because I feel like the variety of imagination put into this show is pretty awesome. Also loved the whole Emma's-boyfriend-turned-into-more-that-just-your-usual-creeper thing. Also, lol at the whole Wicked thing. Lots of people are probably gonna love that reference, but I've never seen the musical so...it goes a bit over my head.