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The Harry/Draco of Once Upon a Time - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Harry/Draco of Once Upon a Time [Mar. 30th, 2014|04:46 am]
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THIS meta/article makes some interesting comments about the dynamic of OUaT with same-sex relationships and some of the racial issues on the show. Although, the main point is a pitch for the fandom's biggest femslash paring: Emma/Regina (Swan Queen).

While I really like the overall commentary on the queer issues and found the aside to racial problems interesting and very point on, I'm unconvinced about the paring. Personally, I just don't see it. I think that if the show was to end up with a femslash paring in canon it ought to be Mulan/Aurora. Fans of Emma/Regina go crazy pointing out all the subtext and stuff and how these two would be perfect for each other. I mean, shppers will do that. All shippers, especially those who think their paring would make lots of sense in canon itself, do this. I don't have a problem with people shipping it but, personally, I don't see it. Just like I don't see Sherlock/Moriarty (as a requited thing) or Harry/Draco. And let's face it, Emma/Regina is basically the Harry/Draco of OUaT.

IDK, I fee like usually, when people hate each other, they just hate each. Especially when their hatred is for (relatively) good reason. BUT if you're into that kind of paring dynamic or you just wanna read some thought out critiquing of the show's issues, you should totally check it out :)