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Update on Stuff [Apr. 15th, 2014|01:11 am]
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-I ordered a new fan for my laptop. Hopefully, it will at least not make that weird high-pitched sound or make it quite so loudly. Maybe it will even be quieter. Although, it seems that my laptop was unusually quiet and I REALLY wish I could have that again. Doubtful though. Also, for some reason, these guys take forever to ship and I probably won't have it in time for finals. Argh.
-Speaking of finals, I have my first one in roughly 3 weeks. adifjdisfjdsfpidofjaopfoiw
-At least I still have dancing. We have one more comp left in the season.
-Went shopping for a bunch of work clothes which was rather interesting. Still need shoes for the dresses as I won't really be able to wear the ones I have for my suits. Really, though, thinking about the summer makes me sad. This is gonna be one hell of a long two months. (Not even so much because of work in and of itself, but also because my family will go to Moscow and I will stay here. Also, I wont' be going to Moscow to see other family. Changes are on the horizon, and I don't like them one bit. No sir.)

[includes spoilers for S3 finale]-The finale was heartbreaking.
-Loved Harvey and Mike being willing to take the fall for each other. They just have such wonderful moments <3
-I still can't believe Mike is leaving. Kinda also worried what this will do to the show.
-Rachel irritates me. She comes off as super insensitive and selfish.
-Fuck this. I can't believe they broke up Harvey and Scottie and just when it seemed that Harvey was willing to come clean to her finally. I feel like the only reason fandom doesn't really like Scottie is because of the whole Harvey/Donna heavy shipping in the het corner of fandom. Whatever. Dana had a lot more reason to be mad at Harvey than Rachel ever did to bitch at Mike. At least Dana never comes off as moralizing and whatnot - she's just concerned that their relationship can't work if there isn't actual, you know, trust and communication. And there wasn't and she's right - that's not healthy for a relationship. I'm not really sure what she meant by Harvey changing "too much" and it happening before she got back, though.
-Also, looks like the show really is angling for a Harvey/Donna end-game. I would have, back in S1, been pleased about this. But that was a long time ago, that was before Scottie.
-Still pissed that it seems like they're putting Scottie on a bus. She was the one prominent female character I identified with even mildly.

Game of Thrones
-Awesome as always! Loved the wedding!
-Lol at Loras stealthily checking out Oberyn
-Also Jaime giving Loras the "back-off" talk was funny. Especially the way Loras was all like "yea, man, whatever."
-Jaime rushing to Joffrey when he started chocking was kind of...sad. I mean, Joff IS his son. And somehow, with no one else (except Cersei) knowing about it made the entire thing even more sad.
-The tension between Sansa and Tyrion is so palpable and achy. But when she gets the goblet for him I just totally went awww and yay.
-THAT scene with Jaime and Tyrion! Nothing like that in the book but this was one of those not-in-the-book scenes which I'm really glad happened. Everything that involves these two being brother-ly (in whatever way that is) makes me happy \0/

-Loved all the Killian we got this last episode. Don't really like that they're obviously trying to make him into some sort of cliche redemption story. For God's sake, leave him alone.
-Argh. I don't like Killian/Emma. Even more so, I dislike that he supposedly likes her a hell of a lot more than she likes him. Seriously, Killian, out of all the women and men?
-It's prob not happening (any time soon, anyway) but I really wish they'd bring Aurora and Mulan back.

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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2014-04-21 10:06 am (UTC)
Thanks! I really do hope finals go better than I think they will. I just hate that "waiting for the crazy study rush to start" period. It makes me all nervous and jittery.
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