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Fests and GoT feelings - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fests and GoT feelings [Apr. 21st, 2014|03:04 am]
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HI GUYS. Hope everyone had a good Easter

So. Even though my fave team is not going to do ФБ this year and the Het BigBang won't be running either, there are still lots of things to sign up for which I think you should all join me in doing! 

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING GUYS! Hosted on DW and AO3. It's a multifandom fic exchange for rare slash parings! As someone who ships lots of slash and especially lots of rare slash this is totally awesome. The parings can either be rare parings in large/medium fandoms or parings from small fandoms. Nominations for parings are open until May 3.

Sign Ups are open for not_primetime! This is an exchange for medium-sized fandoms (eg: Suits, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey). These are open until April 30.

Nominations are open at jukebox_fest until April 24th. This is an exchange for "song fandoms." (Basically, you write/get a fic based on a song, with the song being treated as canon. The is NOT a songfic fest, btw. The fic does not have to be a songfic, just based on a song the way you base any fanwork on a canon. As an example, THIS is my fanfic for the Dolly Parton song "Jolene.")

Tonight's GoT Episode
Ok, that Jaime/Cersei scene was wonderful until...OMG WTF?[Spoiler]I think they meant that scene to be dub-con but it came off very rape-y. I mean she kept saying "no"! And I mean, come ON! Jaime would NEVER do that. He loves Cersei, at this point he still loves her. And it looks like he decides to force himself on her and says that she's "hateful" because she keeps rejecting him. That's just not Jaime!Agh, I know people keep saying that the show screws with characterization, but I didn't notice it too much before but this scene was totally WTF.

I totally don't understand how anyone can like Sandor. It's not like he's any better in the book, either. Speaking of people I dislike - Stannis makes this list.

The scene with Tyrion and Pod almost made me cry :/ Can't wait for the Tyrion and Jaime scene!

Jorah! And ooooh the shipy moment! I just want more Jorah <3 He's even more wonderful in the show than in the book and I loved him in the book.