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Dear NPT Author Letter (2014) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dear NPT Author Letter (2014) [Apr. 28th, 2014|08:22 pm]
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Dear NPT Author,

First! Thank you for writing for me. This is very exciting and I hope you will find something helpful/inspiring in this letter :)


-Slash, het, gen
-All ratings up to R
-A focus on the romantic/emotional aspect of a relationship and some semblance of a plot/point rather than just sex.

-Femslash as a major focus (I don’t have a problem with it, I just don’t ship fem in these fandoms/with these characters)
-Threesomes/moresomes and polyamory
-Incest (unless specifically asked for)
-Parings with large age disparity (over 15 years) unless specifically asked for
-Pedophilia (please keep minors in sexual relationships with adults 16 and over; if both partners are teens, 14-15 is ok if treated appropriately.)
-NC-17 and PWPs
-BDSM and heavy kink (scat, watersports, bloodplay, necro, etc)
-Humiliation (both sexual and not)
-Non-con/rape (dub-con that leans toward/ends up as consensual is ok)
-Cross-dressing and genderbending/genderswap

Genres/Themes (and such):
-Hurt/comfort (mainly of the m/m variety, including both slash and gen)
-Fluff, cuddling/snuggling, adorable!fic
-Well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/motives

-Radical AUs that subvert the universe (genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc)
-(very) obviously intentional OOCness
-Character bashing
-Any sort of glorification of bullying, or bullying being excused/condoned in the narrative (this includes things like victim blaming, etc)


A Song of Ice and Fire
Requested Characters: Jaime, Tyrion

I have read through ADWD and I'm not averse to any spoilers from the WoW excerpts (although I haven't read them). I actually didn't read the first two books because I got into the whole thing by watching the tv show so seasons 1-2 = books 1-2 for me. I'm current on the show. This is all FYI in case you're wondering.

Anyway… Um, so I just want some brothers!fluff. I know we don’t get much of this – they’re both really snarky – but these two DO seem to be quite close/fond of one another. So, I want to see brotherly fluff and maybe hurt/comfort of some sort. Their typical snark/banter is welcome of course, but I don’t want this to be dark!fic, at least as far as their relationship goes. Ever since the end of SoS I’ve been dreaming of reconciling hugs for these two so…yea…fluff. No incest please, aside from the canon Jaime/Cersei.

Characters Requested: Harvey Specter

Harvey is...well, complicated that's for sure. Sometimes he really pisses me off but he's always been a good man under all of it and I think lately that has really been coming through. I would really love a Harvey/Scottie fic. I don't think any relationship Harvey has is going to be "normal" or whatever, but what I always loved about these two is how they're so sex and that more or less, they're equals. Scottie is perfectly capable of being successful and happy without him. But they DO want to be together. And I think that in the finale we see that he DOES love her and he DOES trust her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have told her about Mike. I would love either something fun with them, maybe even a casefic type thing if you like writing plotty stuff. Or maybe a something self post the finale where they get back together - I'd really love that. Alternatively, I do ship Harvey/Mike somewhat and angst and/or hurt/comfort for them would be great. I love the protector/protectee type dynamic they have.

Downton Abbey
Requested Characters: Edith Crawley

Edith gets the short end of the stick, so to speak, way too often. I felt really bad for her even in the very beginning because with Mary as a sister, well… It’s hard to fight a bitch without being one. (Mary is really extra horrible to her.) I would love mostly anything with Edith where she gets to be number one for once. But I think I would especially love a fic where Michael comes back and where they are happy together and in love. Maybe they even get their baby back somehow? Alternatively, some sister-bonding with Sybill would be fun. And, no, I'm not a fan of Mary at all, so leaving her out as much as reasonable would be appreciated. Basically, I just want an Edith-is-awesome-and-happy fic :)