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a couple of things real quick [May. 8th, 2014|11:28 pm]
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Hope everyone is doing well! I'm in the middle of finals so not much time for the internet/shows. I'm only behind on The Americans, however, but I haven't had time to think/write too much about GoT or OUaT, (Although, concerning the latest OUaT ep:wtf was that at the end there?)

But a couple of things real quick.

Star Wars
So there is like this...unified canon thingie now. I'm not actually in that fandom much anymore so...I'm not as frantic about all this as I would have been otherwise. I never really followed the EU or considered it canon. Although, this does kinda mean that the Clone Wars miniseries are now considered practically as canon as the actual movies... I think. (Which is stupid, b/c um, the whole Anakin having a padawan thing was just an awful idea in the first place.) Whatever. I shall remain as much a canon purist as always. As far as I'm concerned, only the movies are canon. Yay! (All this means is that if I ever write fanfic in SW again, the films will be my only reference point. Hopefully, I will never have to rejoin the wank that goes on in that fandom sometimes again so for those purposes this is kind of a moot point.)

As you can tell, my first large fandom still gives me feelings. It's like that ex who you never quite stopped loving.

As ridiculous as this show is, I have gotten sucked into it. And, honestly, there was so much they could have done with Jullian without making him...well...[Spoiler (click to open)]not Jullian. And now they're "putting him on a bus" it looks like. Seriously? I really, really liked him too :( This is what happens when you get all your couples happily married too early on. *pouts*