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Notes [May. 19th, 2014|10:51 pm]
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Apparently, hp_beholder is done as a fest. Which is incredibly sad. (I’ve seen quite a few good fests go over the last three or so years…) I’m not sure if the mods didn’t find someone to hand it off to or if they just decided not to (sometimes, handing your “baby” over can be hard, I get that). I’m definitely gonna miss it. Speaking of the fest btw, finals got in the way of reading this year. I still need to read a bunch of this years fics. Don’t care if reveals already went up, better late than never :)

-Totally didn’t get Phillip’s little break down. It’s not like this is the first time he’s killed someone on the job.
-Lol. Phillip being all righteous about the Americans setting up fake plans for the KGB to take. DUDE, it’s not like the Soviets don’t do similar shit. I mean, I get that he’s bias but it’s like, yea, no dude. No sympathy.  (Also, my God but I despise traitor informants.)
-Yea because being assholes to your daughter is totally the right way to do parenting. Honestly, having parents like that would suck. Like why are they even mad at her? Because she chose how to spend HER money that SHE saved? WTF. How is that being irresponsible? So she chose to donate instead of going to Europe. So she won’t go to Europe, don’t give her money to go to Europe, make her save it all over again. But for fuck’s sake let the girl be. (Hah and it’s not like you guys don’t lie ALL the time. Your entire life is a lie and you’re upset because your teenage daughter didn’t inform you of her decision to use her own money for something different? Seriously? Fuck you.)  
-The idea of different branches of gov spying on each other is totally reasonable but also kinda disturbing.
-Well Stan…I won’t say that you’re not getting what you deserve. If you get to fuck Nina, Sandra should be able to do her thing. Sorry, man, it’s only fair.
-Phillip, are you seriously jealous of your daughter? That she has found peace/confidence in something? Like I’m no cheerleader for religion but you’re being retarded about this.

-Paige wasn’t disrespecting you, she was standing up for herself. If anything, YOU were disrespecting her right to be a person. Phillip’s decision to apologize was the right one.
-I’m pretty sure it was nearly impossible to be in a Soviet school and NOT be a Pioneer. You’d have a damn hard time getting into college. It was a year-round thing, not a summer camp.
-Guess what, Elizabeth? There are ways to survive in the “real world” without being a megabitch.

-Aww I was hoping when Oleg called Nina “Comrade ___” we’d get to know her last name finally. But nooo, they decided to be lazy.
-The scene between Arkadi and Oleg was interestingly emotional.
-Then the Stan/Sandra gut-punch and the scene with Kate…dude, this episode is just pull of angst.
-Oleg is right and I…think he actually cares (about Nina)?
-Lol Philip’s hippie disguise is amusing.
-I always kinda wondered…does that agency of Phillip and Elizabeth’s ACTUALLY do anything? I mean it seems like they have actually (non-KBG) people working there, they offered Stan (or someone) to like come and look at travel brochures or whatever…

-Poor Jared. I wonder how much he knows. I don’t think he knows nearly enough of it. I wonder what Kate told him. If he thinks they aren’t FBI/CIA something like that, why not go to the authorities?
I wonder what he does know and if they made threats what kind of threats. (Obviously since he asked about the transfer being to another country, he probably has an idea that this isn’t a “gang thing.”)
-Well…Oleg definitely gets lots of respect points.
-NO STAN DON’T DO IT DON’T PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. I don’t think I could forgive you…