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Game of Thrones finale (Spoilers) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Game of Thrones finale (Spoilers) [Jun. 16th, 2014|01:05 am]
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AHHHHH JAIME AND TYRION! SO MUCH MORE AFFECTION THAN WE GOT IN THE BOOK <3 That was kinda the one thing I REALLY cared about in this episode. Although, I was totally prepared for the heartbreak and I am a little baffled by the change. I mean, I realize Tyrion’s marriage wasn’t really set up or anything and to just bring it up now for the first time would have been weird. But for what follows this makes some issues. As far as Jaime and Tyrion go, I suppose we can take this to mean that either a) Tyrion forgives Jsime by the time they see each other, and vise versa or b) they don’t ever see each other again. Which…*gulp* given how DWD ended…looks a lot worse for Jaime than it does for Tyrion. And just ARG NO. I took the death of the Starks ok because well…I didn’t really care but…anyway, I’m panicking ahead of time, I know.

What this makes less sense for is Jaime and Cersei. Have to give an honorary mention to that scene of theirs, btw. But honestly, I don’t see…at this point in this books they were sorta super shaky already and then Tyrion drops that whole thing on Jaime and Jaime just sorta…folds on the relationship. Here, they seem to have made up almost and Tyrion doesn’t say a thing. So how is this split gonna happen? Hmm. I wonder…maybe Cersei realizes somehow that Jaime was the one who released Tyrion, maybe he flat out tells her when she rants about the bastard who helped Tyrion escape and then Cersei, in retaliation, tells him that she’s been just find without him or something? Something like that could work, but it’s also a bit…arm-twisty, IYKWIM.

Also, Jojen :( What’s the point of killing him? I suppose this just means that he dies sometime later on in the books but it was some sort of very distant side-story thing that they felt they didn’t need to go into?

Oh! Oh! And Mance gets a mention too! "We do not kneel." HA TAKE THAT STANNIS, YOU SELF INVOLVED PRICK. (I really, really don't understand why so many people like this guy so much.)

(As per like the 3rd edit (I keep thinking of stuff))  The scene with Tywin and Cersei was strong but why would she threaten to tell about her and Jaime? I feel like that would only hurt her kids more wouldn't it? But it really drives the point home that she really does love her kids a lot. When she was telling Tywin about how he and the Tyrells would tear him apart, I actually really felt for her. (I usually don't feel much sympathy for Cersei.)

Now I get to go into withdrawal for ten months. I’ve already gone into withdrawal. Waaaah.