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RL: Soccer, Brokeback re-watch, Positive July - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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RL: Soccer, Brokeback re-watch, Positive July [Jul. 2nd, 2014|03:23 am]
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I re-watched Brokeback Mountain tonight and wow…that movie still makes me cry. I do think I understand certain things more and look at certain characters (especially Ennis) somewhat differently then when I watched this movie the first couple of times which was about…a year maybe after came out? I was still in high school, I remember that. I think…I think have more definite thoughts/opinions now on both Jack’s death and the “Jack, I swear…” line/scene. Except it’s 3 am and I have to be up for work a little after 8, so maybe more tomorrow, but not tonight.

In other news, we lost to Belgium this afternoon which sucked ass. (Switzerland lost to Argentina earlier that morning and it was a heartbreaker too. They fought hard for it.) Almost our entire office stopped work for like 2 hours to watch the game on the tv in the conference room. …The amount of emotional investment I put into these games when I watch them live is indecent. This is why I usually don’t watch them live/at all. Easier when you’re just reading the blog commentaries or looking up the results afterwards. (It’s not the soccer I care about, really, mostly country pride :p)

Anyway. Also, this is gonna be a real tough month for me for various reasons. So I’m gonna do one of those “positive month” thingies. Five positive things per day. I’ll try to put other RL things into those posts if they come up so I don’t spam you guys or anything.

July 1

1. I brought cupcakes for our office for the game. They had little American flags on them. Everyone loves me now :)
2. Re-watching Brokeback Mountain and seeing how some of my interpretations have changed was actually pretty interesting.
3. There was one good moment in that awful game – when we scored. Everyone cheered so loud. The entire conference room went crazy! That was a good moment.
4. Talked to my BFF on the phone <3
5. I mean, just the fact that we got to watch a soccer game at work instead of...you know...work...is pretty fine in and of itself. They even canceled a meeting we were supposed to have in order to accommodate the game watching. Our org so chill, it's totally great.