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Positive July - 3, 4 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive July - 3, 4 [Jul. 5th, 2014|02:59 am]
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1. We got out of work early today! 3pm :)
2. Turned in a fest fic today. Still need to edit, but it's up. This one was kind of rough, ngl. But it's up, so yay \0/
3. They fed us at work! It was actually supposed to be a potluck in honor of one of the senior(ish) staff members leaving, but somehow the e-mail didn't get around to most of the law clerks so we ended up eating courtesy of the lawyers and staff members lol :)
4. I was far more productive at work today than I was yesterday.
5. Lots of giggles discussing office gossip with mom over the phone.

1. It's a 3 days weekend, which means no work today!
2. Also - happy 4th of July!!! (This totally deserves a Positive Point of its own. Maybe I'm weird, but I'm fond of patriotic holidays.) (Also, as just a neutral observation: I realized almost no one calls 4th of July "Independence Day" in casual conversation. People always say "4th of July." Well, in the U.S. anyway.)
3. Dad and I went to a 4th of July fireworks show! It was really pretty and long and there was some nice music. (Also, it was at my old high school, which was interesting, although my nostalgia is not as strong as it used to be.)
4. Ice cream! Three was still some of my fave icecream left in the fridge from last weekend so I ate one after we got home from the fireworks.
5. At the fireworks, there was this really beautiful "America the Beautiful" rendition. I Shazamed it and now, knowing who the cover is by, I can download it and have it and listen to it when I'm in that sort of mood :)