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Positive July - 5, 6 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive July - 5, 6 [Jul. 7th, 2014|10:41 am]
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1. The Netherlands won their quarter final! It was a really nerve-wracking and frustrating game. Costa Rica put up a good fight, respect to them. But yay Netherlands!
2. While I don't usually go fangirl over athletes -- there aren't that many I find attractive enough -- team sports provide a lot of opportunities to see guy!touching. And...like I don't even mean this in a slasher way, it's just...men don't usually express a lot of emotions and hugging each other is more of a girl thing in every day life, so to see that much emotion and willingness to make affectionate contact from men who are generally pretty masculine (I mean, most athlete males usually are) and in their majority (probably) straight is kinda nice and heartwarming. Seeing all the hugs and stuff as the Dutch celebrated post-game was definitely smile-worthy.
3. Ice cream <3 (Last one in the pack too. Need to somehow get dad to get more next time he goes to the store.)
4. Cooler tonight than last night. I might actually be able to sleep under a blanket.
5. Extra weekend days = being able to watch stuff I haven't had time for.

1. I went back to LA on an earlier train than usual, which had its drawbacks, but it did save me the choice of either spending money on a cab on waiting 20 mins for a (metro) train.
2. Finding out who wrote my awesome War and Peace fic for the Night On Fic Mountain fest.
3. Even though it's Sunday, which is usually a loud day for my neighbors, they have been very quiet today (or maybe they're not at home, which works even better).
4. I found this, which turned out to be rather interesting. (Apparently, there are five "languages of love." Took me a while, but I figured out what my primary 2 are (Physical Touch and Quality Time).
5. Re-reading some old RP stuff. There have been some stories/RP partners I've really had a good go with and re-reading some of the old stuff tends to be fun, even if a little nostalgic.