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Positive July - 10, 11 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive July - 10, 11 [Jul. 12th, 2014|03:36 am]
[Tags|, ]

1. I know I always seem to be talking about food and food at work in these, but seriously? How many things are better than free food...at work. (I need little things like that to get me through the day.) Today there were bagels and ice cream left over from yesterday.
2. My interaction with an annoying co-worker was limited today, more than usual.
3. I've been making progress on OCI planning, which is good because bids need to be in by Monday afternoon.
4. Finding out I only need to take one note-writing seminar for Law Review rather than two.
5. New weekly addition of Meta News :) Those always have some interesting things to read.

1. TGIF that's for sure!
2. Skyped with mom! Got to vent my frustration about an annoying co-worker.
3. When dad picked me up at the train station, I got him to go to the grocery store (for lemons, actually - I drink tea with lemon) and we got ice cream :)
4. Reading some old fandom meta. There was an especially nice piece on RL weddings in the Middle Ages in Europe. (Written in the context of GoT fandom.)
5. New high score in 2048.