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Positive July 24-28 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive July 24-28 [Jul. 29th, 2014|09:48 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I keep writing these out in a notepad file but forgetting to post them. Only three days left, too! I might actually make it through the entire month this time.

1. Really good Hawaiian Pizza for lunch.
2. Talking to BFF on the phone :)
3. Weekly release of Meta News went up!
4. During Skype conversation with mom it was brought up that I only have two weeks of work left and they will be back in less than three. While this is not a day-specific thing per se, thinking about it did make me happy.
5. Turned in M/M Rares fest fic. Still needs editing, but it's up.

1. TGIF!
2. Phew. Finished that one really stressful assignment for work.
3. And, to piggy-back on the above, since I already have a second assignment lined up, I don't have to awkwardly wait/ask for a new one.
4. Dad had had the AC on all day, which is unusual for him, so it wasn't awfully hot in the house when we got in.
5. Got a good seat on the train ride home.

1. If Google Was A Guy. Totally made my night, actually.
2. Sleeping in late. (Just about always best part about weekends.)
3. Found this new great song to download: "I Don't Feel It Anymore" by William Fitzsimmons.
4. Marathoning through S1 of Teen Wolf. I think I'm gonna make a separate post about this one, cause I have a fair amount of thoughts (none of them especially deep, but anyway...).
5. Got dad to talk and negotiate about cruise tours without him getting too irritated. This is always a victory!

1. Booked tours for our Alaska trip in August! Excited!
2. The train on the way back to LA was crowded, as it usually is Friday afternoon, but no one sat next to me :)
3. Watching Stiles/Lydia youtube videos. Gosh, if people want to ship something that isn't all easy and simple and gooey (like Scott/Allison) why don't they just ship this? It makes a a billion times more sense than Sterek. But then it's also not slash, so... But, anyway, yay shippy videos!
4. No noise from neighbors (even though Sunday is usually their noisy day). Also, no one was blaring their musing super loud in our apartment building - also a rarity.
5. Finally made this one Fandom Combat related post I've been wanting to make

1. We had a farewell lunch for our executive director today, which meant free food and lots of it! (I've literally lost count of how many times we've been fed at work now.)
2. I didn't have to do intakes today even though it's my day to do them!
3. OCI schedule is up and it looks like I got interviews with all 4 of my top 4 firms and 1 from the several firms tied for fifth on my "want" scale. (Yes, I had a complicated formula to plan out my bids. Two of the compressed categories that ended up being weighed, sometimes against each other, at the end were "want" and "can have.")
4. Speaking of OCI: SO MAY PRESELECTS! (Well, ok only 8/31 firms I bid on, but I'm not exactly, you know, top 10 percent of my class in grades so...OMG THINGS THAT SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING KEEP HAPPENING.) (In way of explanation: when employers come to On Campus Interviews week they get to pre-select 30% of their interview spots, the rest are filled by lottery. It is very much understood that it's hard to get a pre-select if you're not in the top 10 percent of your class.)
5. Did not over-cook my pizza, even though at first I was a little afraid that I had.