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Positive July 29th - 31st - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive July 29th - 31st [Aug. 1st, 2014|01:20 am]
[Tags|, ]

Yay I'm done with the month \0/ No more useless trivia about my everyday life guys :D I'm glad I made it through the whole month this time though.

1. Added a co-worker I like/hope to stay in touch with after we finish work this summer on facebook.
2. Finally got my ass down to the dry cleaners with my suits/shirts.
3. May have found an interesting new RP to join!
4. Watching The Daily Show videos! Best way to de-stress a political situation, is to watch it covered on the Daily Show. For sure.
5. A co-worker told me a few days ago that the bus system which I take to the metro sometimes takes metro cards. I tried it today, and it totally does! I can't believe I didn't know about this before! First off, this is great, because I don't have to carry a bunch of change around anymore. Secondly, this is great, because once I have my school metro card again, I don't have to pay (aside from the flat fee for the card) to take the bus!

1. Wearing a skirt to work that I hadn't gotten to wear yet this summer :)
2. Went to lunch with some co-workers and it was awesome! We went to this pretty nice restaurant across the street because they were doing a promotion where people who worked in certain buildings in the area got 50 percent off their order. I had this awesome mushrooms and pasta dish and then we also shared a dish of chease fries with this really good dip and then shared a desert plate of donuts and ice cream. AND all of this, after we split it four ways, given the promotion, cost me under 15$. including tip. Plus hanging out. Just suuuper awesome :D
3. No nap after work = more time to do stuff instead.
4. Last week's Suits episode <3 (Sad as hell though, and argh Rachel wut are you doing, woman!)
5. Read this one HP/Sherlock x-over with Severus and Mycroft (NOT as a pairing, just gen). And eee it's great! Also, Mycroft being a brain badass is total <3

1. Free snacks at the office!
2. Did not do CAP once again :) (Actually, now that I think about it, might never have to do CAP ever again since next week is my last week but I'll be working out of the office mostly because of OCI!)
3. So many good metas in the MetaNews release today.
4. This is the last day I have to do these! (Lol. Honestly, I found this exercise to be kinda stressful. It was really hard to come up with 5 good things each day, especially without including "at least" type of things - e.g. "at least the AC didn't break" as my mom had suggested once. But, admittedly, re-reading a week's worth of these was nice, because it did help to think of the week in a positive light, even when it was a rough week, because all the negative stuff had been filtered out and I was only reminded of the pleasant things. Maybe re-reading these is the true point of this exercise/meme rather than actually the daily "doing it" part.)
5. I made it through the entire month! (They do say "third time's the charm" :))