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TW - shit that happened in S3 - SPOILERS - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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TW - shit that happened in S3 - SPOILERS [Aug. 10th, 2014|09:51 pm]
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Teen Wolf season 3 – what the FUCK was THAT?

Allison’s dead specifically. Like I knew it was coming (spoilers) but still. I know it was because the actress wanted to leave the show (why? I doubt it would be easy for her to get a leading role on a show/in a movie which is this popular), but couldn’t they have found some other way to get her out? I know people have remarked that she wouldn’t just leave with all the weird supernatural stuff happening, but IDK, why not? They could have said there was a quiet period and the Argents were needed to fight some creepy stuff elsewhere. (Yea, this would also deprive me of Chris but...just argh. And speaking of Chris…OMG I just want to give him all the hugs in the world!) ALSO, the way some other movies/shows have handled this is casting a different actor/actress who looks similar to the original one in the role. It’s not ideal, and I know the actor/actress can bring or take away a lot to/from the character, but at least that way you don’t need to GET RID OF AN ENTIRE MAIN CHARACTER.

I’m just really upset because I love how Allison developed. It’s really rare for me to get super attached to a female character but Allison just turned out amazing. By the end, I can’t even say who I loved more – her or Lydia.
So let me just mourn here for a moment:
-Allison as a character in general.
-Scott/Allison (and my fan shipping of Allison/Lydia). Kira’s ok, but she and Scott don’t have the spark he and Allison developed. I also don’t like her as much…
-Less Chris? I haven’t seen any of S4 yet and though I think it’s not impossible for him to stick around and still be involved in stuff…but it wouldn’t be the same. He’s also like our only hunter now :( (I just want hunters ok?) Also no more Chris-Allison father-daughter stuff. *cries*

Like, can we just please like have Allison back? I also read that Isaac won’t be in S4? (WHY ARE ALL THE PEOPLE I LIKE LEAVING?) But while I can handle Isaac not being around, it just won’t be the same without Allison :’(

(As an aside. Now I know what all the weirdness with needing to have Scott suddenly attracted to Kira was all about. But honestly, it felt kinda of stupid. Not even that he was attracted to Kira but that he and Allison weren’t together. Also, Isaac/Allison was kinda cute, in a way, but it made little sense. Basically, Scott and Allison broke up, from what I understand, because Allison was upset after her mother’s death and she just wanted to get away from all the werewolf/supernatural stuff. Ok. Understandable. She and her dad go on vacation, she comes back wanting to just go to school/hang out with Lydia/whatever…but then she gets involved with all the supernatural stuff again. And picks ANOTHER werewolf for an…almost-boyfriend. But she obviously still loves Scott and he obviously still loves her…do you see why this is not adding up? They could have totally still been together/actively figuring things out and if the show runners wanted to have Scott/Kira in S4 or whatever, they could have developed that IN S4. What was the bloody rush?)

ETA: Why did Aidan die? What happened to the whole werewolf healing thing? (I've heard various explanations, but it still looks sloppy.) 

[User Picture]From: oonaseckar
2014-08-11 07:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm devoted to Allison, it's hard to accept. OTOH remember that death is no object to a triumphant return in Teen Wolf! Just sayin'! There's still no reason she couldn't come back... I love the Allydia too. The Tumblr fanart for it is amazing.
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2014-08-12 04:30 am (UTC)
Lol Yea. I mean, Kate came back...although as some creepy thingie... But, yea, this show has a pretty impressive track record for resurrecting people. (I also recently read a fix-it fic where Lydia brings Allison back from the dead ala-Peter. That helped a big :))
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