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insta-fandom [Oct. 2nd, 2014|05:56 pm]
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Oh fandom, you're adorable. This show (How to Get Away With Murder) has aired exactly ONE episode. One week ago.

There are already 8 fics on AO3 and got only knows how many more in the depths of Tumblr. *is ded with lol* Looks like this fandom is gonna be a hit, at least if it keeps growing at this rate lol.

Less surprisingly is that Connor is pretty much fandom's darling as things stand now. (And Wes, but Wes is also the main-main characters, so...)

I actually re-watched a few parts of the pilot, doing my best to put aside my hatred very large dislike for Keating and the constant face-palm over everything law school and a lot of the legal stuff and it's not really as bad as it seemed on first watch. Although, maybe that's because I was closing my eyes to things I identified as specifically annoying.

Also! thanks to this show I learned a new thing, because I specifically looked it up. I was kind of under the impression that you can't really get blood out with bleach. In the sense that forensics will still detect it, even if it's not visible. But apparently, that's only true for chlordane based bleaches, not oxygen-based bleaches. Good to know.