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WFT Downton Abbey fadom - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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WFT Downton Abbey fadom [Oct. 12th, 2014|05:47 pm]
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Fuck all the people hating on Sarah Bunting. Y'all have some serious internalized (or actual, IDK) elitism/classism issues. I don't even know who I'm side-eyeing more - the people who hated early!Tom too, or the people who always loved Tom and now hate Sarah. Honestly, I liked early!Tom more than I do now!Tom. I understand why he changed - for his daughter's sake, it was a survival type thing. But SERIOUSY someone needs to stand up to the whining elitist snobs. Besides, you all just adore Mary, even when she's being a stuck up, bitchy, entitled, self-centered, classist snob. So THAT'S ok, but being super blunt, standing up for youself and believing in egalitarism makes you a rude hag and is notok? Oh fuck you.

[User Picture]From: nearlyconscious
2014-10-13 11:48 am (UTC)
Oh, I forgot new episodes were out! I need to watch them. I'll come back to comment, but I can already say I agree with you lololol. Classism in this fandom... Aouch.
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