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#shipperproblems #ijustwanttocomplainsorry - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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#shipperproblems #ijustwanttocomplainsorry [Oct. 17th, 2014|02:00 am]
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*sgh* So. Looks like How To Get Away With Murder, shipping wise, is going to be like Queer as Folk fandom. Fandom Favorite or bust. QaF fandom is kinda hell for anyone who doesn't ship Brian/Justin. Looks like HTGAWM is gonna be pretty much the same except with Connor/Oliver. Fandom is pretty much just as obnoxious about them as QaF is about BJ. It's worse in QaF, admittedly, because there was Michael and that whole thing... At least there isn't some painfully great alternative for Connor which just gets ignored. But that sucks too. Like, I know why fandom has latched onto these two -- they're canon, not really any other option. (Well, Connor/Wes, actually, but yea. That's basically the BM of this fandom. Except, with less hatred aimed their way, thankfully, and nowhere near as perfect a fit.) Oh and fandom loves Oliver (the way QaF loves Justin). And I'm just like "...meh...whatever." I just...don't feel any chemistry. And fandom falling all over itself is just making it worse. (At least Brian/Justin were aesthetically gorgeous. And had real chemistry. I know that's a taste thing, but yea...)

*sigh* I'm just bitter because I was excited about the possibility of shipping a canon slash pairing. In what looks like will be a large(ish) fandom. A pairing that's SUPER POPULAR! Do you know how long it's been since I OTPed a popular slash ship - hell, any ship - in an active fandom? YEARS. I miss it. I mean...ok...Johnlock and Murther...I definitely ship those but... I don't know. I got into Merlin fandom SUPER late. And Johnlock is awesome, and they give me lots of feels all the time but...although, you know, maybe I should just spend more time in the Sherlock/Johnlock tag on Tumblr. I guess I just miss having an OTP like Obi-Wan/Anakin where I'd consume thousands of words of fic per week and just fangirl at every mention and...That's what Dolokhov/Anatole are for me now, but the "active fandom" part of it is missing.

Looks like Connor/Oliver is end game on HTGAWM though. Sad for me. Fun for the rest of fandom. *sigh*